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Thread: Does a diaper bulge look like a male package?

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    Default Does a diaper bulge look like a male package?

    Hey, I actually was searching something similar online. I see this thread is a bit old but I'll post anyway.

    I am trans, transitioned awhile ago. I essentially always pass, though a part of me is self-conscious when wearing because I am tall, 181cm (about 6ft) and somewhat broad shouldered. I wonder if the diaper bulge in the front will make people second-guess my gender because it can sort of mimic a male package. Perhaps I'm just being paranoid, but does anyone have any advice? Thanks.

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    It definitely makes you plump in the rump.

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    Since this is a separate topic / question, I've moved it to its own thread from the diaper tip thread.

    OP, if you'd like a different title, please let me know by quoting my post or posting in requests.

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    No... But it will make your ass look big. 👅

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    Not at all haha. If anything it'll look like you have a hernia, until they see how big your ass is and then they'll connect the dots that you're wearing diapers. =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by nomadjoanne View Post
    I wonder if the diaper bulge in the front will make people second-guess my gender because it can sort of mimic a male package.
    I've only generally worry about it with an undie pad vs. a pull-up style or diaper but the pad really can enhance (way too much) the front depending on the tightness of the pants, undies style, etc.

    For me, I'm more concerned for lines in the back ... But, it seems mine is a different concern than yours as I'm not generally trying to pass although I have my days that I am decidedly adrog or fem But, sometimes I kinda like people second guessing my gender esp when they enjoy that...

    My martial arts gi is the easiest... can't see anything in that big white hot mess of heavy cotton (need the snap). Talk about gender neutral.

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    M3 abena, looks like you are packing a monster when wet, even bigger if in chastity

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    Colors make a big difference here. Darks blacks navy blues deep browns tend to cover the area in question - while pastels and lights whites are going to only exaggerate it.
    Fabric weight density sheerness also plays a very heavy part - nylon and thin polyesters are going to be revealing while denim is the best of them all except for maybe leather.
    Leather is the heavy weight compressing the subject and condensing and controlling the attributes beneath.
    In the transition until the final step clothing will still have to have what the tailors/seamstress people call EASE that space in the crotch for comfort and proper fitting.

    In addition to Colors - the type of clothing also makes the individual be it pants or versions thereof skirts dresses whatever is in you wardrobe.
    Some things are just not worn with diapers successfully - tight fitting fitted clothing is one of these and as well as pencil skirts.

    Wearing diapers forget about the VPL - you have more to be concerned about !

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