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Thread: Bomb Threats

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    Default Bomb Threats

    check out this article about my school third bomb threat in three days

    Its about all the bomb threats that we have had at our school in the past three days.

    Monday- no school due to bomb threat
    Tuesday- school in session although a threat was found
    Wednesday- no school from 10:20 am untill 2:00 pm.

    It doesnt say in the article, but the threat today (Wednesday) was in the bathroom and said "11:42 BOOM!" it is ****ing scary

    I dunno if i will go to school tomarow. There are supposed to be bomb squad, FBI, bomb sniffing dogs, and bag searchers. Kinda seems like too much for a once laid back school LOL

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    Most likely it is just some kid thinking it is a hilarous prank. Thats what it ends up being most of the time anyways. Try not to worry about it too much, just keep your eyes open for anything suspicious. There was no bomb any of those days so I do not think there will be tommorow.

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    Easiest way to get out of an exam you did not study for.

    Downside: They'll probably catch you, and you'll be trouble, in debt and without an education for the rest of your life.

    Someone here called in a bomb thread to an airport a few years ago because she would have been too late for her flight. She's got a few million Euros of debt to her name now, and her next vacation will be behind bars!

    So don't do it!


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    We always used to get bomb scares at school. Once someone even phoned the school and made a bomb threat from the payphone in the front office, what a wanker

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    Yeah, kids at my high school used to call them in from the pay phones. I think one time some stupid kid turned around to find the principal standing behind him. Oops.

    I think they're even easier to trace now, because probably the dumbasses who call them in, do so on cell phones, which can be traced back to the carrier and the name on the phone can be ID'd.

    Btw, I might just be paranoid, but it's probably not a very good idea to post the name of your high school on a forum.

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    I've never been threatened by a bomb before, I hear they're much more likely to intimidate in groups. If I notice a bomb walking toward me who I think looks a bit uncivil I cross the street. I tend to avoid I eye-contact afterall, they can go off any second.

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    I'd be freaked out if it happened here. There's almost no violence around here, the worst things that happened near/in my school were:

    1. A girl's father committed a murder-suicide with her mother;
    2. Kimveer Gill entered Dawson College and shot some students, killing Anastasia De Sousa and committing suicide.

    I was already freaked out when I learned about Kimveer Gill, and when I learned about what happened to Charlotte (see #1), I suddenly didn't feel like doing anything, it doesn't really affect you when it's someone you don't know or when it's in the news, but it happened so close to me, even though I almost never talked to her...

    But back on topic, we never had any bomb threat here, I guess it's because it's a private school so less people are dumb enough to do this kind of "prank".

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    im not that worried about it, but we just had a fourth one today. i got home at like 2:20. it was awesome.

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    When I was in high school, I always got home by 2:20, unless I was staying after for something

    It sounds like what your school needs to do is just bring in the cops and dogs and keep them around for awhile. If they keep letting you guys out every time someone calls in a threat you could potentially not spend a full day in school for the rest of the year. Do you all have to make up these missed days?

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    yes but they are getting security cameras instaled and closing the campus and banning back packs. (((( my school is now 7311!

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