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    Here I am with my 8 month old, custom Toshiba laptop, and its great. My only problem is after last year in college almost none of my programs that need to access the internet can find it. My university requires us to run their firewall program in tandem with symantec anti-virus. It was only after using the firewall software that programs like, Internet Explorer, Skype, iTunes, Symantec Live Update (how ironic?), and a few others could no longer find the internet connection. The only programs that recognize my internet connection are firefox and aol IM. Also interesting, the programs didn't stop working overnight, it was gradual and it happened one-by-one, not all at once. I've uninstalled the firewall software and nothing can find the internet still. What the hell am I supposed to do?? I've tried checking program permissions but I cant find any permissions related directly to internet access through windows firewall. I'm running Vista Business. Anyone have ANY ideas???

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    Download WISE Registry Cleaner FREE. And run it.

    Clear out all the reg. Entries from the Firewall. Also make sure that when you check Firewall in your control panel that you have the firewall on! (*Windows FIREWALL! )

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    For sure talk to the college tech people. It is free at my school, it is very knowledgeable. Should be the same for you.

    I had a similar problem. Had to do a clean install.

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    Unfortunately I've already talked to the tech people and they were clueless and said it surely couldnt be their software causing the issues...idiots

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    Does your college require you to route all internet access through a proxy? My university does, and whenever I connect my laptop to their network, I have to manually switch it on in the internet settings, just to discover - after returning home - that my internet doesn't work until I switch it back off again...manually. Sounds a bit like your problem.


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    When I renewed a security suite, a McAfee bloatware firewall took advantage of the brief moment without protection and set itself up as THE firewall. It stood with its arms crossed and would not allow me in to turn it off, to change its settings, to uninstall it.

    Eventually, it began limiting web access--browser by browser--and then goofing up access within sites.

    Other issues came up, maybe not related, so I had a clean install done.

    Works perfectly now.

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    when in doubt.... format and reinstall

    The only other thing you could try is a System Restore?

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