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    Alright I am biting the bullet and ordering some diapers off of A few questions for you all though...

    1. I live in MI how long should it take to get to me?
    2. Should I get the Supers of Extra's?

    3. Will this purchase let my dad know in any way shape or form that I ordered these...the paypal account is with his credit card, but it is my account.

    4. Does it cost extra to get these delivered to a FedEx/UPS store? Can I get them delievered to a UPS store even though it is through FedEx?
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    Eh...I wouldn't buy them from While they are priced about the same as else where on the net, stuff I've ordered before has come in boxes with the logo all over it. Plus, it is kinda hard to explain what you bought from an Internet drug store that you couldn't buy at your neighborhood drug store. Your father would probably assume its something personal and embarrassing. Depending on your relationship...that could be trouble.

    I would buy them from XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies or from Secure Personal Care. XP medical's shipping label and merchandise ID just says XP. Secure's label just says Shipping Warehouse - the purchase ID says SPCP, LLC. XP ships FedEx and Secure ships UPS. XP's package prices are about the same as and shipping prices should be the same. Secure charges you up the ass if you just buy one package...cases are much more reasonable. Shipping is free though, no matter what you buy.

    As far as what to get..I would go for the Supers. They hold a pretty decent amount and are thick enough to remind you that your wearing a diaper but thin enough to be easily concealed. I've only tried the Extra's once and wasn't impressed....
    If you go for Secure, the Plus is pretty good for normal wear but the X-Plus is one of my all time favorites. The Plus doesn't have front or back waist bands, but I prefer that because I can fold the extra plastic down to make the diaper virtually disappear under my jeans. They both have a printed front tape panel and it is kind of loud when your just wearing the diaper, but a pair of boxer briefs or briefs and a pair of pants and you can't hear a thing.

    It won't cost you any more to ship a package to a UPS Store. Some stores do charge you a $5 holding fee. As for the FedEx thing, I think it depends on the store. They have mailboxes for rent, so I would assume they would accept FedEx packages without a problem.......

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    It will definitely show up on your dad's credit card statement. Just because it is your paypal account, doesn't mean he won't be notified. More than likely, he will get an email confirmation for the transfer from paypal to his credit card. I would recommend opening a bank account. Seeing as you aren't 18 yet, you would have to have a parent open it for you. But what we did in my situation is: My dad opened the account with me there. Let me fill out all the information (Pin #, etc etc). When the card came in the mail, he just gave it to me. Although the card was only an ATM card, it could be used for online purchases because of the VISA logo.

    Since I'm 18 now, I have my own checking/saving account. I don't have to worry about that other account anymore.

    Just something to think about.


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    You would be better off getting a reloadable debit card at walmart, no tracing it back to you

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    Whoa there champ.

    Definately don't order from they will spam your e-mail and mail box with lovely goodies.

    If I may suggest... order from Magic Medical or XP Medical instead. Both are excellent and discreet companies that won't hit you over and over with spamalot.

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    I've ordered from before. It didn't take too long to get the order, but I don't recall exactly how long; it was within the estimated arrival time. However, I will also attest to the fact that the box I received had "" clearly printed on it (not so much of a problem as I live alone). But the statement--I used a debit card--also clearly showed "," which was a minor problem because in one of my less sane moments I gave my mother the password to my online bank account. She thought I had purchased "drugs"--as in illegal drugs, cocaine or something--online. Which is laughable, but it freaked her out. That said, pretty much any company will identify itself on your dad's credit card statement even if you use PayPal. Like someone else said, get one of those re-loadable Wal-Mart debit cards.

    If you're in Michigan, go with XPMedical. They have a warehouse in Michigan; I live in Michigan and have always gotten my stuff ridiculously fast (takes 3 shipping days at the most, and I live in a rather remote area--so it might be even faster for you if you don't live in the 'boonies'). They might be a little easier to work with (compared to a larger company) if you need your stuff shipped to a UPS store. They will also ship to a P.O. box, but you'll have to use USPS instead of UPS/FedEx to ship your package.

    Finally, I've never tried the Extras (are you talking about Abenas?). I've tried Abena X-Plus & Super, and while I of course prefer the X-Plus for its bulk, the Super is a nice diaper too--soft and very absorbent for its size. It's up to you; the Super will be thinner than the Extra, but you get more diapers in a package of Supers compared to the Extras.

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    Speaking of Abri-form Extra... I did order a case of them... and they are a quality "compromise" diaper. Really comfortable like the Supers... and bulky without being overly so like the X-plus. Good price too.

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