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Thread: pooping a diaper for anxiety and stress relief

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    Default pooping a diaper for anxiety and stress relief

    Hello. I have two or 3 reasons because I mess my diaper. At first, because at mornings I can't hold it, I doesn't do it on purpose in this case. It is a hassle because I often poop two times at mornings, and wery often when I think I do not have to poop anymore, and after washing me and puttinng on a clean diaper and dress up, about 20 minutes later, often outside home, I have an accident and poop in my diaper again.

    Second reason, because I like it, it turns me on like a sexual thing. This fact has destroyed my couple relations because women want real man and not one who wears diapers, first for need, later found out I do it for fetish too.

    And finally, for stress relief. When I have strong anxiety, get wery nerwous, begin to sweat a lot, I just need to go home, be alone and just let it go into my diaper. The anxiety relief is wery efective in my case, but I do combine it with some beer or wine, smoke tobacco and sometimes weed, and medication like alprazolam. I know alprazolam is very adictive, but a good aid for severe stress and anxiety, like happens to me. I do not hurt myself or others pooping in my diaper on purpose to relax, and sometimes just messing my diaper, a cigarette and a glas of red wine replaces te use of medication like the mentioned alprazolam, sold under tradename xanax in some coutries.

    Today I fellt really really stressed and nervous, and when I arrived at home, I pooped my diaper on purpose, ended rubing it untill cu* and now I feel relaxed. But the tobacco and the wine helped too, and still I am now sitting in my wet, pooped and cu*ed diaper. But suffering about the lonely life I live, where it is not possible to share my world because I would be laught out, outside of this and other lovelly abdl comunity websites. But still alone. I need to be with somebody who understands me and gives hapines again, now after the second glass wine I'm not so bad as half an hour ago, but I reallize I'm really down and depressed. What kind of self-image can I have when I act like a stinky freak

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    I never had a problem with control (outside of a time when I had IC in Elementary school, which didn't last long and was fixed with surgery), but I definitely get it being sexual and it being a good stress reliever.

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    Galaxx -
    Just know, many(!) people out in internet-land share the same challenges you wrote about. I have been an active DL for over 20 years now. I have read endless number of similar posts, mostly by men, just wanting somebody to share these feelings with. I have been that guy also.

    I will admit that I did share some of this with a couple of sexual partners, but those relationships didn't work out for the long run. It was fun, but also only possible by having very close and trusting partnerships with these girls. Neither of them liked (or appeared to know much about) ABDL activities, but would participate because of my desires, for me. I will also admit I never messed around anybody...

    I think too many people try to find a partner, already part of the ABDL community. That is just going to prove difficult. You are already reducing the pool of candidates to a relatively small number of the population. To then find a partner, in that small pool of people, who you actually click with, and share other interests, share ambitions, dreams, and even love(?!) are just quite small, in my opinion ( and experience).

    I would always recommend to find a great person to spend time with. It might lead to love. As things get more serious, probably worth sharing these desires. If the person cares enough, then they might just play along, for you, even if not their thing. We just need to all understand that it could take time, and they might just not be able to. Some people love feet. Yuk. I don't. So if a partner of mine asked me to play along with that.... well, yeah that would be hard for me.

    I have still never heard a good reason for why some of us like wearing and using diapers well into adult years. As mentioned, I have loved the feeling for more than 2/3rds of my life, but I had a great childhood, no drama, caring home, great upbringing, no stress. I just like the feeling. No bad experiences stand out in my past..

    But yeah, we are always here to talk so remember that Galaxx.

    As for the sensation of pooping diapers, I seem to recall reading about the pleasures of pooping.. I think it is when the vagus nerve is stimulated, during bowel movement. It sends a relaxing sensation through the body. Usually more likely to happen with a big bowel movement, but I think the forcing out into a snug diaper can also increase the sensation.

    Anyway, keep doing what you are doing - it feels great, and you are not hurting anybody!

    Take care.

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    IDK. I've found that women don't really care about wearing diapers (or using them). I mean, some might, but some people don't like licorice either.
    In any case, if it's a legitimate need, physically or mentally, don't curb yourself trying to fit someone's ideal.

    I'm personally totally incontinent. Yet there's times of the day when I can guess I'm going to have a messy accident. It is pretty refreshing when it happens though. I think so anyway.

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