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Thread: Hello all

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    Default Hello all

    I've lurked here occasionally but only now decided to actually sign up. First off, I suppose is stuff about me. I was born in New Jersey, but am currently attending college in Washington, DC.

    I love video games, anime, languages(I speak Chinese and a little Japanese, though I am about as white as you can get), writing and reading stories, musicals, any good ancient history, and D&D, the world's nerdiest pastime.

    I have been a student for a very long time, but just got a really neat job close to home, so I'm looking forward to actually earning some money instead of mooching for once.

    Though I tend to come across as overly serious, it's really just an unfortunate consequence of my background; both of my parents were engineers, so I speak and write in a very engineer-like fashion.

    Regarding diaper stuff, I'm mostly a DL with a smattering of AB i.e. I have a couple pacis and a few plushies (a Bowser and a Cthulhu, though I've been considering finding something a bit cuter). I think I started at around 11, but because of my own paranoia about being found out, I didn't really do anything much until recently, and even then any real AB/DL stuff has been regrettably sporadic.

    That's all I can think of for now, and I'm looking forward to hanging here for a while.

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    Glad you joined and hope you like it here post often and hope to see you in the chat.

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    Welcome to ADISC!!

    Oooh, what kind of video games?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramaziel View Post
    I was born in New Jersey

    I love video games, anime,writing and reading stories, musicals, any good ancient history
    Well, there are some things we have in common. Hope to see you on the forums.

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    Well, as for kinds of games, I'm a big fan of strategy RPGs like Fire Emblem and Disgaea, and although its been a while since I played a really good one, regular RPGs as well. I just got around to playing through Skies of Arcadia: Legends again on the Gamecube, and that was fun. I'm not very good at fighting games or shooters, but if the former are over-the-top enough like Guilty Gear or Marvel x Capcom, I'll give them a shot. My two favorite games of all time (other than the above Skies of Arcadia) are Xenosaga, and Phoenix Wright :Ace Attorney

    Out of curiosity Wrgs, what part of NJ are you from? I'm a North Jersey boy myself.

    Also, is it just me, or is the hypnotoad a popular subject for avatars around here?

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    Welcome to ADISC.

    I'm from New Jersey, too, and I also love languages! I like European languages more than Asian ones, though.

    Just wondering but, what are you majoring in college?

    Anyway, stick around, and you should check out the IRC chatroom.

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    Welcome as well. I grew up in Toms River, but now live in central Virginia. I miss Toms River, but it's too expensive and too crowed during the summers. I also enjoy RP games and played all the Diablo games. Anyway, enjoy posting and getting involved.

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    Welcome to our community, where we talk about everything under the sun, including sometimes our interest in absorbent underwear and/or reverse anthromorphism . . .

    You already seem comfortable with things here. Good, keep it up.

    Me? I'm not from NJ but just over the northern border in NY, close enough to be able to pop into your home state to save a few bucks filling my gas tank.

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    I'm currently studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs(Security) It's interesting stuff, although, like all of our majors in the School of Foreign Service, is needlessly difficult to explain properly.

    Basically its some Econ, policy, languages, along with about the equivalent of a minor in one of the sciences (mine's Computer Science)

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    Hi there, welcome to the site!

    You're an author, awesome, me too! It'd be great to see some of your stories here on ADISC some time! (Even if they're not *B/DL.)

    As for the Hypnotoad stuff, we got toad flu. 'Nuff said.

    Enjoy ADISC!

    --The Silent Assassin--

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