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Thread: Considering telling my parents

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    Default Considering telling my parents

    Hello, I am a college freshman who has liked diapers for a handful of years now. I want to wear more often when I go home. However, that is basically impossible for me to do without telling them.

    I have kept it a secret since I started buying diapers at a local pharmacy four years ago. Itís been a hassle, a specially when I bought a larger adult diaper package last year. This past summer I drove out to walmart after midnight just so no one would see me bring them into the house. Itís been very stressful. Now that Iím in college, Iíve been starting to buy the premium ABDL diapers, and I feel like those would be harder to bring home because I canít really hide them en route.

    All of this effort and stress and worry about being discovered feels like too much. Iím considering telling my parents. I have a very good relationship with them and they are lenient. I think they are open minded too, because my dad was talking to me once and said he would still love and accept me if I told him I was gay (which Iím not, but it shows openness).

    The only thing Iím worried about is the initial embarrassment and a small doubt in my mind. This doubt is the same doubt that makes me second guess myself in school and not volunteer to answer the question even when my answer is correct, so I donít know if itís logical to listen to it.

    Do you guys think my situation might turn out favorable if I tell them? (Sorry for the longish post)

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    If you need diapers for a medical issue or even for emotional support (ie you feel more confidence while wearing) then yes let them know if you are wearing 24/7 but remember the more you wear around people you know the more likely people will eventually find out. My need for diapers is medical so I have no choice but to wear I told my parents and family and close friends years ago as it is less stressful then trying to hide my need for diapers.

    if you decide to wear 24/7 or even part time around family friends and strangers in public you have to stop worrying about people noticing your diaper as most times people do not notice but when they do you have to be in a mind set that it does not matter and you can openly say I have to wear diapers and leave it at that.

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    There's a few things to consider, here. The first is that despite the fact, as been discussed here at length, wearing diapers for fun hurts no one and is not "wrong" in any moral, legal, or any other sense, wearing diapers past infancy/toddler years isn't normal. It's just not something that's normally done in the eyes of the public at large, and the large majority of those who are required to do so against their will, so introducing someone to the concept of diapers as fun is a difficult subject to start with.

    The two biggest questions to ask yourself are #1 - what do diapers mean to me? To some people they represent comfort, a hearkening back to simpler days, a way to wash away the stresses of adulthood. For others, they're purely a sexual fetish item. For others still, it can be a blend of the two. What they mean to you will determine how (and more importantly, if) you tell your parents. In my personal opinion, I wouldn't be discussing my bedroom predilections with my parents, nor would I want to hear what got them hot and heavy, if you know what I'm saying. Some things are better left private between you and your lover(s), but if your diapers mean relaxation to you, it might not be as big of a deal to tell them.

    #2 - What are you looking to get out of telling them? Do you just want approval from them that it's OK to wear in their presence? Or do you want something more, like acceptance and/or moral support for your decision? The probability of getting what you want here hinges heavily not only what was discussed in #1, but also in your specific relationship with your parents. Are you very close? Do you often share very deeply personal topics? Or perhaps you have a history of stressful conditions and are always seeking comfort. Are your parents very accepting and open to, for many of the uninitiated, a rather unique and somewhat extreme concept? Remember to focus on the positive influences and benefits, and not the parts that might be disgusting to them. Most people, despite wearing around their parents, never do tell them, as the best that can happen is "wow that's odd, but hey whatever floats your boat", whereas the worst that can happen is a rift in your relationship. The risk/reward ration is not necessarily often in your favor here.

    Also remember that now that you're in college, you're an adult, and you don't need your parents' approval for what you want to do with your life - it's now yours to do what you want to with!

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    If you truly think the parents are that open minded, just try then
    And if they say something negative just reply

    "Look guys, Trust me I cannot change how I feel about this.
    If you force me to abstain from it, it will just be constantly on the backburner waiting to come out."

    I came out as well, it was hard at first, but now 4 years later completely no more awkwardness left, my mom even jokes sometimes into babying/coddling me lol
    Even though I know for a fact she wouldn't treat me like a little lol. I just don't want her to do so because my ABDL lifestyle is 30% based on little feelings, but 70% is mostly Fetish/Sexual Based.

    Really in reality, my take is that people should just let people be and let them do things that don't hurt others. Period.
    You wanna wear Thicker Underwear go ahead and wear it, you wanna use, go ahead and use it.
    I would be the last person to say something about this. But then again its me...
    But seriously modern day People are really sensitive, take everything personally, Wanna get involved in stuff that does NOT concern them even one bit.
    I can never understand people who you open up to, take it upon themselves to be upset personally and angry about me being honest with them
    Sometimes a bunch of stupid stuff... They want you to be honest all the time, but if you are honest about your deepest feelings they look at you like you should actually lie instead
    I seriously think this world is backwards sometimes

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    I second what's being said here. Don't let the fear of "what if" and embarrasement hold you back. It's clearly stressing you out to keep them hidden at all costs, and as mentioned they are neither illegal nor immoral. There's definitely reason enough to mention your mental need for diapers to your parents.

    There's no real need for you to go into detail with telling them too though. Just let them know you've got them around so if they notice or find one there's nothing for them to worry or stress over either. Other than that, you prefer to keep them private and hope they undestand.

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    Well, for me they are for comfort and relaxation, and they are a big stress reliever for me. If it was a sexual thing, i wouldnít even consider telling them.

    As for the second question, I just want to make sure they know rather than them finding something and questioning me about it. They have told me i can be open with them and discuss any problems, and as i mentioned in the original post, my dad has told me he would support me if I came out as gay, so Iím pretty sure that they are open minded. I am close with my parents too.

    Even though Iím in college, I am afraid that if I leave anything behind between visits home, they might find it, so Iím thinking about letting them know before they discover something. Plus, I would be able to buy more and not worry about the scare if they happen to come across it.

    Overall, I feel like the combination of my reason and my parents caring about my problems would most likely yield a positive result. Iím just hesitant because of the stories of people who lost their relationship with parents over this, even though my parents arenít strict like the ones in those situations.

    Iím visiting home this weekend, they will either know in 24 hours or not at all

    Edit: two responses while I was typing this! This is dealing with the questions brought up by PlotTwist

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    If I were you, I'd keep that stash to a minimal and ride it out. Who knows what will come from this. Would it be something they "want" to know? I'm sure they'd rather not know. In my opinion, you shouldn't tell them. There's no reason to have a large stash. They shouldn't have to be caught in between something like this. Just go through school and when you get your own place, indulge. If you get caught you'd have to tell them anyway, and I'm sure you'll get the same reaction. If you don't, then they'll never have to know.

    If it's truly eating you up, worrying about being discovered, then don't keep stuff at their house, and you'd have nothing to worry about.

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    I've told my therapist/grief counselor about living a completely gay lifestyle in college, but I haven't told him about my being AB/DL. It is a difficult subject to talk about. For a variety of reasons, it's embarrassing so we keep it hidden. It does sound like, from what you've told us, that your parents would be accepting. I can understand wanting to be able to wear diapers when you are home. I wish my parents had been accepting, but they weren't. I don't feel there would be much harm if you started the conversation and saw what their reaction was.

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