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Thread: My last stand! I don't know what else to do!

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    Angry My last stand! I don't know what else to do!

    I cannot take my home life anymore. My parents, my situation, everything. I'm done! So, I have come up with a last stand to escape my horrible life. I am going to fake my own death. I even have a friend who is gonna create a fake meat puppet to convince my parents and any other persons I am dead. Once I find someone to stay with, I'll set the plan in motion. My incontinence is reeking havoc on my life, and since my parents won't help, and redicule everything I do. This is my only option. If anyone has any ideas other than this, let me know. I can't live like this anymore. Thanks

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    I know your home situation is tough, but faking your own death isnít the way to get out of the situation. If you have a friend who is willing to go as far as to present your ďbodyĒ, then chances are that you have people who are willing to let you stay with them.

    From what I can see on your profile, youíre over the age of 18. That means that you donít have to have any contact with your parents at all. You could just move out and they donít have to know anything like your new address, place of work, phone number etc. They donít even have to know that youíre moving out.

    Iím no lawyer, but faking your own death could even get you in trouble with the law for a variety of reasons. Overall, I agree that you should get out of your parents house as they are extremely toxic people. But faking your own death isnít the way to go.

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    Dude, don't fake your own death or indeed anything else that sounds like the plot of a bad Seth Rogan movie. No-one is going to be fooled by a meat puppet, you're more likely to make your situation worse, not better, trying crazy stuff like that.

    You need to step back, try and relax and get stuff in perspective and then think about proper sensible adult solutions to your problem, which sounds boring and tedious (and kinda is) but ultimately sometimes the hard way is the best way.

    As Leio says, if you're an adult you don't have to do dick your parents say, you don't have to see them or speak to them, you can flip them the bird and hop on a bus out of their lives. That's the easy part. The hard part is having somewhere to go and a plan for living on your own (or with a supportive friend) once you step off that bus.

    To put it another way - if you hate your current situation and your parents, don't give them the satisfaction of doing something half-arsed and making a fool of yourself / coming crawling back after having failed to live by yourself. Do your homework, get all your shit together (this may/should include saving up a load of money) and THEN you can make a proper break for it. The best revenge for toxic people is leaving them in your dust and living your best life without looking back.

    In the mean time, just know that although it sucks, at least you have your plan to work on and that light at the end of the tunnel makes stuff a lot more tolerable.

    There are support groups, charities, sometimes government/school/community help schemes, advice lines and forums - maybe none of them will solve your problem but they will all have some little nugget to contribute towards your escape plan.

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    Yes to all the above. In addition, meat blood isn't going to match any kind of human blood type, and typing blood is the first thing police do if they think a murder or unnatural death is involved.

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    Besides all of the good information above, if you fake your death and get away with it, your identity goes with it. It will be so much harder for you to do ANYTHING considered "normal" after that. Renting an apartment, getting a cell phone, a bank account, a job... all of these would be very difficult if not impossible.

    As mentioned above, if you have people willing to help you with this, they'd probably help you get out and on your feet, away from your family.

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    Agreed, no need to "fake your death" and it probably wouldn't fool anyone anyways.

    Surely you could stay with friends if they are willing to try to help you fake your death?

    And if you don't have a job (or it doesn't pay enough) you may have to get a job (or a better job), it is a big part of being an adult and being independent.

    I'm mostly independent, though I do live in a house with my mom and younger brother (she often leaves the house to me and my brother for lengthy amounts of time, plus I have a good paying job and pay a lot of the bills, so if I had to move out somewhere I probably could, but I have it pretty good and dont have to go anywhere).

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    Faking your death is the wrong thing to do. Police will investigate. You will be on the 11 pm news with your picture.
    "HAS ANYBODY SEEN THIS PERSON? FIREBRAND AGE 22 MALE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, LAST SEEN WEARING JEANS, GREEN SHIRT, SNEAKERS AND A DIAPER. CONTACT LOCAL POLICE DEPT AT 911". You are old enough to seek ur own medical help and if u can't afford it contact a social worker who will assist you. Based on your profile, they will go to the local CVS and ask the cashier if they saw anyone buying a pack of their fitted briefs.

    If you are serious about suicide, there is a national suicide prevention hot line 800-273-8255. Someone there will very likely help you.
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    Closing this due to the fairly obvious legal implications of doing such a thing.

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