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Thread: Life of pants wetting now morphing into need and desire to wear diapers

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    Unhappy Life of pants wetting now morphing into need and desire to wear diapers

    Since I was 16 I have been addicted to wetting myself, especially in public, and in latter years to bed wetting. This started after I had an accident on a bus in front of my friends. To my surprise I found I actually enjoyed wetting my pants and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Very soon I started deliberately getting myself into desperate situations where I was likely wet my trousers or jeans. Over the yearsI thus enjoyed “accidents” in all sorts of places and in the fullness of time I found I enjoyed bed wetting too, especially in hotels from time to time.

    This may all seem a little off topic but in the last two or three years my bladder control, such as it is, has diminished considerably with the result that I have started spurting involuntarily when out and about and especially after a few beers. I have become worried sometimes about wearing blue jeans or light coloured trousers as the dark circles which sometimes appear suddenly can sometimes be an embarrassment (as well as a pleasure !)

    I therefore am thinking about putting myself in diapers or nappies on some occasions including when I am out with friends or family and when travelling, especially long haul flying. I would like to chose a window seat on flights but feel I would prefer to wear and wet a nappy rather than disturb people or even wet the seat as I once did at Melbourne.

    I would love to hear from anyone commenting on the above with especial reference to wearing nappies and wetting the bed at hotels.

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    hi Philbo,
    and welcome to adisc. Firstly while your introduction tells us about your desires, it doesn't really say much about you. If you look at the top of the page you will see a link entitled ADISC Intros, Rules and tips. Click on it and have a read there is a lot of information in it that is useful to new members.

    Then consider telling us more about yourself, I'm assuming you are retired, so what are your hobbies and interests besides wetting yourself? Do you have a partner and are they supportive? If the problem with your wetting has got suddenly worse have you thought about seeing your GP? As it may be a sign of something else going on.

    As far as wearing nappies goes, nothing wrong with wearing disposables. Cloth nappies are more enviromentallyfriendly but a lot more expensive to start with. don't forget you may also need waterproof pants and a plain coloured onesie to stopp your wet nappy sagging around your ankles.

    Have a look through the forums and find some you like, join them and join in. We all have certain things in common and on the whole we are a friendly bunch.. So enjoy.

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    if it's only starting now and not something that you can control, you may want to see a urologist.

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    Hi Philbo,
    I take it you're a fan of Tolkien? 🐈
    Welcome to the group.

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