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Hello! So my next diaper investment is either going to be a case of Abu little pawz, space, or simple. From what Iíve heard, these should be the same diaper, just different prints. Has anyone tried these before? What are they like? Does the print rub off from the pawz and space? Is the absorbency good? Just any bits of information would be much appreciated! What you liked,and didnít like, and whether you would recommend them. This is going to be my first big order of diapers, so I want the best experience possible! Thanks!
I recently bought space diapers. They are awesome. I always enjoy ABU diapers. I haven't had any problems with the print rubbing off. The only downside I have with ABU's diapers is the tapes don't like to stick after a while. Other than that, They make awesome diapers. whichever diaper you choose is up to you.