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    So in two weeks i am going on a trip with two friends but i will be driving separate due to them staying longer. So i was planning on working a half day at work the day i leave. My first battle starts here as its a 5 hour car ride and i will need a diaper. I was thinking about putting a small change bag together with clothes and my diaper and using the customer bathroom which is a one person bathroom with a lock. Then i will be at this cabin for 4 nights and i am a full bedwetter especially sleeping in a strange bed for some reason i pee more frequently at night. So i am hopping we have separate rooms but i am not to sure if we will or not. So again i was thinking of getting northshores diapers that way if i get caught its at least a plain white diaper instead of my printed crinklz. And as for the dirty ones if i cant find a way to dispose of the diapers in the cabin do the diaper dispose bags work? So i guess i am not to worried about my drive there and back home but more less wearing at night and disposing of my diapers when i am with my friends. Sure they would be understanding but i rather they didnt know obviously. I been on trips with my family but i dont care if they find out they at least know i about my problem when i was little and will just say it still happens; so i have some experience with this. And diaper suggestions for this trip are welcomed, i was thinking m4ís or the northshore brand and no cloth i have problems with them at night

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    If you like crinklz you could get some of the all-white variety "betterdry". There are a number of other high capacity all-white diapers from NorthShore, ABU, and Rearz if that's what you're looking for. More toward medium capacity is also available in all-white from Bambino and SaveExpress. I think Tykables also still carries all-white too. There's a good selection available for all-white.

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    I've been in a similar situation. Went hunting with some coworkers and stayed in a small open cabin with them. My suggestion; don't try to hide you need diapers. This only makes it a forbidden and shameful type of thing, which will of course invite ridicule or worse. Though at the same time, don't go out of your way to announce it. Instead, own up to it and approach it matter-of-factly. Like, "so you noticed. Yeah, it's a diaper, I need them for enuresis. So what." As long as you don't make it into a big deal, then it won't be. The plain white diaper is probably best for this too.

    And I just used standard small kitchen bags for my disposal. Hold the bag with the used diaper in it so as to try and remove some air from it. Now holding from the top and letting it hang, twist the whole thing to make a sort of rope out of the top half of the bag. Tie that into a knot and it will stay perfectly sealed shut until you can dispose of it.

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