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Thread: Hotel Privacy

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    Hi Erica2003,
    Firstly, I'd say, please don't worry about the diapers. As some of our others friends have mentioned, hotel staff see a great deal of things much worse than that. They will frequently deal with baby diapers, and they will occasionally come across incontinence products. They will likely not even pay any notice to it. Also keep in mind, they would rather you use diapers, than have you soil their beds or furniture.

    I think it is just important to be respectful of them; e.g. bag any used diapers, and place in trash, or next to. I see some people remove them from the hotel room, and dispose outside the hotel. Not sure that is necessary (perhaps if messy diapers?), but each to their own... I usually take a roll of those smallest size trash liners on trips. Large size ziploc style bags also work, but they tend to be clear, so more obvious what lies within, if that bothers you...

    I agree with others here - keep unused diapers in one of your travel bags, out of the way.

    If you need room privacy, use the door sign (or hit the do-not-disturb light in some hotels). Use the in room security lock if offered. Staff may try to enter, but if you are in there at that time, just shout, please come back later... or if you see them working rooms on your floor, just mention you will not require service today. The front desk can also relay that info to them if you prefer. "I am tired, need rest, please no disturbances, thanks". I do this regularly, and never had an issue.

    If my privacy has been respected, and service as or more than expected I just make sure to leave a (diaper inflated) tip.

    Happy travels

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    For short stays just bring your diapers with you. Roll up any used ones and put them in the room or bathroom trash can for housekeeping to collect. (Or in a small bag left next to the trash can). They do not care if you wear a diaper, and care even less for your reason why. They do care if you leave smelly diapers in the room for too long though, so dispose of them as you know you should.

    Also, there is always a do not disturb sign in your room or the inside of the door handle. Put that on the outside of the door handle and they will not enter.

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