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    So I've been trying to wear 24/7 for the last couple months and for the most part it has gone pretty well. However the one time that I always have trouble wearing is at the gym.I usually wear something light and unnoticeable, that doesn't bulk or sag, like a Goodnite (or other pullup), Northshore, or Tranquility ATN. However it's usually inevitable that after running around and sweating that my groin and or private area will get irritated. For a lot of the small diapers like Tranquility they fit very snug but for the medium ones like M4 I feel like theyre too big on me and therefore not ideal for working out. Does anyone have any suggestions? How many of you wear at the gym? Do you have any tips for keeping things comfortable?
    Thanks for the imput.

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    You might try using Aveeno Baby lotion as it contains dimethicone, a water proof ointment that hospitals use. I may protect your skin eliminating some of the irritation.

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    I wear a Depends or similar pull-up, usually with a boxer brief over it and then shorts. You might also try BodyGlide on your thighs to reduce chaffing.

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    If you don't sweat too much you might try cloth training pants and plastic pants.

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    depending on what sort of irritation you're experiencing, using a lot of powder may get you some relief.

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    Have your tried northshores go supreme pullup, or maybe even just depends real fit? Yeah I know they are crap, but for me they do last that hour or so while I'm working out. Though they won't work for flodding. They are pretty well form fitting, not to mention incredibly thin. My only gripe is the padding doesn't come up far enough in the front so you've got to point down and also be really carefull what position you're in when peeing.

    As a "bonus" you can even use depends real fit for in the pool. They absorb so very little and hardly swell up at all, in fact they aren't much different from swimmates.

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    I use the Tena guards in a jock or just in the inner liner of my running shorts I excercise in. Works pretty well.

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    I think it will be ok & you would get used to it after you go to the Gym a few more times. Your choice of diaper may not be the problem in this case.

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