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Thread: Anyone prefer plastic tapes over velcro?

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    I'm glad that many of you have had luck with adhesive tapes, but I haven't.

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    as long as they are good on odor and refasten or can slide down easily enough, I really don't care which it is

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    I like both, but I overwhelmingly prefer velcro. The tapes are a nicer aesthetic, and feel better when my partner would wear them. But velcro is so much more usable and fun.

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    I would loved to see a multi choice poll on this thread something like:

    Your preference on backing & closure

    1. Love plastic backing with a taping panel & sticky tapes
    2. Love plastic backing with second chance tapes
    3. Love a hybrid with plastic backing & hook loop tabs
    4. Love a hybrid with cloth like backing with a taping panel & sticky tapes
    5. Love cloth like backing & hook loop tabs
    6. Love Pullons more than other diapees
    7. Love cloth diapers with pins
    8. Love fitted cloth diapers with hook loop tabs
    9. Love fitted cloth diapers with snap button closures

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    I hate the new velcro - I used to buy Tykables and since they went with velcro I use other diapers now and won't buy ever again. They're horrible for several reasons. Tapes + plastic are SO much better!

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