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    The kids had off school today, so I took a vacation day to be off with them. That of course means diapers for me... So I doubled up first thing this morning. It's been a long time since I've worn more then one at a time, but I recently got a new large/tall shirt that covers my crotch & backside entirely when I'm wearing it so I figured it'd be perfect for covering any bulge. I then proceeded to have 4 cups of coffee and two bottles of water throughout the morning, and also had a huge #2 around 10, so by noon it had swelled so freaking much that I could tell my pants were ballooning out front and back, and it was pushing the load around everywhere as I walked. So I figured a shower and change was in order. After that I went back to just a single layer but with all that liquid this morning I'm wet already...

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    That's a really good amount of water for just the morning! I usually only get 2 cups of water, and 2 cups of tea myself.

    I'm also curious. Do your kids know you're diapered? And with it swollen and messy did anyone else around you notice?

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    I started a road trip to the doctors office yesterday at 6 AM I take a metric ton of diapers,liners,catheters ,bag ,gloves and all the paraphenalia associated ,i was caught wihout enough diapers on a doctors visit went to the store and got the only thing they had here's a hint you can't depend on real fit even wearing the whole bag at once in less than five hours the ride home was a wet adventure ,never again is my motto ,but i screwed the pooch yesterday my appointment i thought was today is tommorow ,the doc wasn't even in town today ,however I have done much worse showing up a month early is my record most people don't show up or cancel ,i' m shall we say extremely diligent hen palliative pain management is all they have to make the sudden stop at he bottom less crappy it means alot ,and this doctor is one of the best I know , i truly love her and her staff like family and she's not a knee jerk reactionary to so called optional guidelines I have probably said this she graduated board certified in Neurology practiced for 3 years quit Neurology she found pain and it's management more to her interest went back to school to learn pain that was 41 years ago ,genies like that seldom pop out no matter how you rub the bottle ,my late wife was one of the first hardcore pain patient turned addict with oxcycontin I as a nobody Paramedic Firefighter who coulnt save my wife from herself ,no doctors pharmacist rehab narcotic cop would help , several had the ordacity to say her only problem was her crazy husband who thought she had a drug problem, i told them all when the matches your throwing in this pool of gasoline I am just the messenger don't remember me I am not important this will explode and burn when it does remember you were warned hat was around late1994 ish seems a lifetime ago and litle did i know i wasnt believed as a 3rd party calling for reform and control ,remember the lessons of selling syringes and vial of heroin in Sears and robuck for $1.50 how soon big pharma convinced them to forget ,our first drug Chrisis addicts were mostly women and children back hen the whole male bread winner wife barefoot pregnant and diner on the stove was the norm , they injected the little ones for a nice quiet afternoon ad well they were at some for mom ,look at picures of a syringe from 1910 and tell me that wasn't repacked in the seventies as yard darts many a kids head/brain function or swimming pool were destroyed with them ,if this shared history of mankind isnt scary, very scary under a thin veneer of "we thought it was a good idea" the time now let's hide it under the carpet of new good intentions,for every marvel of today there has been an expensive price tag in human suffering , take my wheelchair why did it go into production so fast by able bodied people sitting and driving it , make 20 give them to us very active people and our technicians when they break in 6 months you'll now every "flaw" and well it worked on paper issue thusly a better product and user exeperience ,who thought lets keep the battery box on the chair attached with a single cotter pin,if your unfamiliar it's a paper clip with identify issues , and not much else , mine fell off once a small "l" bracket and a couple of screws fixed that permananentley ,i love my chair but who missed that with an engineering degree. I learned to fix my car by breaking it and not being happy walking 6 miles in the rain to work ,i admit i get over tired and rant on road trips but i do my best rants on the road my screen is my companion and its the brightest on the bus, retinopathy and cataracts is like looking thru skim milk ,i am the only retired fireman that goes into his kitchen and say awfully smoky oh wait for it, it's your eyes Einstein, hey if you got to this point thanks for the company and a place to vent .and for anyone curious diapered bus trips are better than that broom closet in the corner ,i had my share of getting tossed around in those in my youth that even if diapers were optional accessories i would wear them on the road "Steve Hartman" fans sit down , i like him in these weird times he finds goodness of who cares about politics ,human intrest stories that makes the weirdness less so uncomfortable for a little while , a as taught to be politeand respectfull to everyone but last night after the game a drunk southern man as quoting scripture like a computer on meth hat made it bizaree is he would randomly quote it to one of his testicles as people who itched or burned ,after about an hour and half of this i wished i could maske my phone ring and had a stunning moment of clarity ,i excused myself went to into the handicapped toilet and waited to here his destination on the public adress then came out,its a usefull houdini act , i would have relinqueshed my lifeboat of another disabled person needed it,fortunately I am regular here everybody knows me and the routes I run by get all confused when laying over and going the bus to nowhere everybody makes sure the lift is working and the few times my visit with my doc ran long hey would ask Ron is he alright do I leave him i guess my matte black powder coat and my blaze orange traficc cone impersonation is memerable,.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    That's a really good amount of water for just the morning! I usually only get 2 cups of water, and 2 cups of tea myself.

    I'm also curious. Do your kids know you're diapered? And with it swollen and messy did anyone else around you notice?
    No, kids do not know... A day off also means roasting coffee to replenish my supply of beans for the next week, and I have a box fan in the window to draw the vapors out while the roaster is running, so the smell is not an issue. The kids are usually at the other end of the house too engrossed in their video games to notice anything anyway...

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