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Thread: Pull ups question

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    Nope, I browse the new entries and updates and comment whenever I see someone post something false or misleading. It's part of my trying to stop the spread of ignorance. I don't attack anyone, only correct their misinformation. And I don't care what word someone misuses, be it love, fetish, fit, or whatever. If someone uses it wrong, I call them out on it. Don't start with using a word wrong, and I won't have to correct you. It's that easy.
    You have been warned multiple times over that you may not derail threads to argue about word definitions. Look, anyone whose been around here for a while knows what "fit" means in this context. Yes, it's not the dictionary definition. So what? People know what someone means when they ask if goodnites or pull-ups fit - we don't need to rehash that debate every time someone asks.

    Make a new thread if you really want to argue about definitions of fit. Really, though, I'd let it go - do you honestly care that much?

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    I know its partly off-topic, but I got a pack of the new L/XL Goodnites for boys this time (got a pack of the girls ones last month), and can compare them to their previous version boys with boys this time since I kept a few of the boys ones for this purpose, one thing is for sure, they stretch a lot more than their previous edition, they feel even more comfortable even if for me, I feel like they aren't snug anymore and won't stay up at my waist like previous version did. My pack date indicate 2018/09/10 so they were out of the factory a month ago.
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