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Thread: making payments on a computer

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    Default making payments on a computer

    OK so I was wondering what your views are on making payments on a computer. Using Bill Me Later and such. I have heard many people say its a bad idea, because they rip you off.

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    Rent-to-own places, you mean? Yes, they will rip you off. Depending on where you go... but generally you end up paying 1000-2000 for a computer that you could get for 500 at best buy. Not to mention all of the interest.

    Save your money and wait for a sale.

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    Definately save your money and buy with cash or your own credit card. Those rent-to-own places are a ripoff.

    As long as you don't need anything top-of-the-line spectacular you can get a decent laptop for around $500... and you can get desktops cheaper than that.

    Also, when it comes to laptops, stay away from the "refurbished" stuff. I have owned two "refurbished" laptops... both were pieces of junk that were more trouble than they were worth... save your money and buy new.

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    Hire purchase?

    I thought this thread was about buying stuff online.

    Well it has pros and cons. If you want something *now*, then it's worth while if you don't mind paying more for it. But if you can wait and save up, then you should do IMO.

    But yeah, 0% credit cards might be a better idea than HP.

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    I was asking because I realy want a MacBook Air or AlienWare CrossFireX laptop and both of them are more than $1,000.

    Apple offers bill me later and Juniper Visa Card

    AlienWare only offers Bill Me Later

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    I got my last and current computer at sams club, it was about a grand, they had 6 months with no interest, what you do is make the payment in the 6 months or the time allowed and you just pay for the cumputer off fast.

    Most places have deals like the some are only 60 days but most a a few months to a year, this way you just pay for what you buy not some finance charge added to it.

    The trick is to pay it off fast within the time given if you go over you will pay all of the finance charges back to day one.

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    Bill Me Later is just a way of getting you to sign up for credit cards. My advice, don't buy with bill me later options. Don't buy MacBook Air's or Alienware's. MacBook Air has no CD drive, which is a burden for most and Alienware is just way more expensive then you could get building it yourself.

    My advice: Save up $700ish and go to Newegg and build your own computer. Pick out parts or ask some others on here or OCForums or about what you will be doing and tell them a budget and we'll all help you get good parts. It's actually quite simple to build a new computer, just have a brain and you're set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baby_mike View Post
    I was asking because I realy want a MacBook Air or AlienWare CrossFireX laptop and both of them are more than $1,000.
    There are far cheap laptops that have the same specs as them if not better, so I assume you want them because they look "cool".

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    NO NO NO!

    Do not finance a computer!

    I can't think of a more depreciating asset. It will be worth next to nothing long before you pay it off. This goes for putting it on a card, too. You'd be smarter to roshambo yourself.

    You can get a perfectly good desktop or netbook for $200. Save your pennies. If you can't afford to pay for it now, you can't afford to finance it.

    Quote Originally Posted by baby_mike View Post
    I was asking because I realy want a MacBook Air or AlienWare CrossFireX laptop and both of them are more than $1,000.
    Get a Dell Mini 9 ($200) and put OSX on it. It makes a perfect hackintosh. Please do not overspend your means.

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    If you don't have the money to buy something, don't buy it! Simple as that. If it was some kind of essential item, like a car you absolutely need to go to work, or something too big to save for (a house), it's OK to run up debt. But buying a new computer without really needing it on credit? NO! People doing that way too often caused the whole financial crisis we're in currently, so please don't contribute to it!


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