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    Iím European based in Japan.
    Iíve been looking this forum for a while but this is my first post.

    Iím a DL always wanting to wear diapers..not 24/7, I think my max has been 3 continuous days on diapers. I wear every week 2 or 3 times. I occasionally regress to my AB side (Once or twice a month).

    Iím not incontinent however Iíve had a few occasional accidents #2 and thatís more or less how I discovered I was ABDL.

    I feel safe and relaxed wearing diapers, really love them at any time being sexual or non sexual.

    I do have a mommy who loves me and encourages me regressing and treats me so sweet and well. If Iím bad boy she would also punish the little boy I have inside, which I honestly love too (I do have a tendency to want to sub when I wear diapers, sm point of view)

    Regressing with mommy maybe I am a 1 or 2 yo. Regressing By myself I feel smaller.

    I love onesies, I have 2 at the moment. Ver very rarely I would use bottle but I can enjoy it too.

    My favorite are plain white diapers, but I am always willing to try any new diaper. I do have 2 clotheís that I occasionally use too.

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    Hello Pinko, 🐈
    Wow. Lots of information about your AB/DL life. (I'm sort of jealous that you have such an excepting partner BTW) But there's not a lot of who you are beyond the biaper play... What are some of your other hobbies?

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