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Thread: Well, I got the dreaded "Jury Duty Summons"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyTyrant View Post
    Wrong, I don't drive, never had a driver's license (or even permit) and I still got the jury duty summons.
    Its most probably done by DSS or in the UK NI number , as we all have one

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    I got called once and they made me be the 'alternate'. :P I basically sat around eating stale ass chips and pretzels until they said "OK. No one died during this one day trial. You can go home now."

    And it was over a couple of drunk guys fighting in a bar. Because one left the bar, realized he forgot his cell phone, went back and got his phone and the other guy got in his face for like the fifth time that night. So he punched him in the face. :P Sheesh.

    And for the record I really really really wanted to stand up and do the following:

    To the pair of drunks: "You're both idiots. Stop getting so drunk you just want to fight with people."
    To the Attorney: "Stop fuckin' acting like you don't understand the layout of the bar. I've seen your ass walking out of there before." (It's on a main thoroughfare through town and I worked in transportation for a long time. ;P He liked to drink on his lunch breaks.)
    To the Judge: "Stop pretending like you're innocent, I know you wear an ankle monitor because you keep getting picked up for cocaine and driving drunk."

    But I didn't. :P (And that's true about the judge. LOL She was sitting on the bench passing judgements on people for drugs and alcohol offenses while she was in trouble for doing the same stuff. She should have been kicked out for conflict of interest. She's finally been removed from the position, but dang. It took way too long for that to happen.)

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    Here they pull both from the drivers license and voter registration rolls.

    I got called once but I'd already moved away from the county involved so I got excused from that.
    I got called for federal court but it was one of these "phone the night before" thing for about five days and then they said I was excused.
    Currently waiting to hear on a local one I got. It overlaps with a convention I'm attending. I asked for at least a day of deferral. We'll see what the judge says.

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    I have never been summoned. I'm glad... I don't know how I'd even get there.

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    I served once. It was an interesting experience, often inconvenient but in the end I found it rewarding.

    It was an armed robbery case. Long story short, the defendant had been out with two of his friends when said friends decided to rob two passing brothers at knifepoint. All three were soon caught, together, with the stolen money. The defendant's claim is that he was unaware of his friends' plans or that they engaged in such activities, and was thus only a bystander. You can see how it kinda looks bad for him though… And to otp it off, the defendant was black, while the entire jury (including yours truly) was white. On paper that shouldn't matter, but prejudice is still a real thing…

    When all was said and done, both victims' testimony corroborated the fact that the defendant never did or said anything at all, only stood there while the robbery was taking place. No weapons were ever found in his possession. Guilt would have to hinge upon supposition of his intentions, and that just wasn't good enough for myself nor for most of the other jurors (there were a few holdouts but they conceded). The only audience throughout the trial was the defendant's family, and it wasn't hard to tell that they were expecting the worst. I was happy to help make sure things turned out as they should. ^.^ I still get a warm feeling thinking back on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyTyrant View Post
    Wrong, I don't drive, never had a driver's license (or even permit) and I still got the jury duty summons.
    it depends on the court, but typically they use the voter rolls to call up potetial jurers. if you are called to a federal court and you dont show up it would be a federal offense. if it is a state, or city court it is a state offense. either way the judge can send a marshall or state police to get you--you do NOT want that. if you think jury duty is a problem, cooling you heels in a cell is much worse.

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