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Is abdl an unidentified mental disorder?
Now let me start off by saying that i'm aware that beng an abdl is much more than an unidentified state of mind. Rather abdl(lism/ism) is a poorly researched area of common and uncommon culture.

With that that being said; do you think that being an abdl (regardless of the current label by which it is currently a fetish) qualifies you towards being diagnosed as mentally ill?

Follow up question (only answer if the question applies to you)

(•Assuming that you seeked advice from a Psychologist in relation towards being abdl. Was the conversation negative or positive (optional and how has it affected your life since then)?)

Things to consider:

•Is the amount of research to blame for societys perception on abdls

•if abdl is a mental disorder/illness will i get help?

•if its not mental disorder/illness will abdls start appearing everywhere?

•what happened in my life that allowed me to become an abdl in comparison to those who aren't abdls? (Optional to read: Keep in mind that just because someone is an abdl doesn't mean theres anything wrong with you; it just means that (I.M.O) that you live a much more relaxing/erotic lifestyle (i say relaxing because not everyone is engaged in the sexual background that abdl has to offer; for example some people enage in abdl just for the comfort of the attire or the feeling of youth and comfort granted by the attire (itself) and In most/some cases the age regression role play ( done for both sexual and emotional pleasure(without the need of sexual release)) involved adds to the feeling of associated youth while wearing your desired abdl clothing (assuming you need clothing for you sexual/emotional release; not here to judge)

•is abdl a form of self therapy that allows one to cope with the everyday stress of life?

• is abdl a heavily misunderstood activity?

•Am I mentally damaged at all?

•Does it affect my ability to mentally function in day to day life?

•objectively speaking what makes you comfortable being an abdl in comparison to who you were before you were an abdl or arleast before you started acknowledging your abdl side?
It was ID'D as a mental illness for a decent amount of time before it was finally taken off the list.