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Thread: Ouch! Scalded my Foot

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    Default Ouch! Scalded my Foot

    I managed to tip my kettle over today on my right foot and I was wearing just a sock ! Pouring near boiling water on it and it took an age to get sock off
    Ive scalded my 4 little pinkies and a 4 line across foot
    Click image for larger version. 

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    If I was a toddler it could have been a whole leg so be careful out there chaps

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    Ouch! That looks painful! Are you going to get it checked out? I don't do well with foot injuries; that picture made me physically shudder. I can't even watch that scene from Die Hard (you know the one) without pulling my feet up on to the couch.

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    OW. If you haven't been to a doctor, you better go ASAP. That looks horrible. D:

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    I bet you were hopping mad at yourself?

    Btw, have you been biting your nails?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    I bet you were hopping mad at yourself?

    Btw, have you been biting your nails?
    Yes I was , as for the big toe nail I had an ingrown nail removed and it grew back 2mm thick so I have to cut it with side cutters
    Also have taken next 2days off work

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