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Thread: Washing Plastic pants?

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    Default Washing Plastic pants?

    Wow, this neer crossed my do I wash plastic pants??? I need to do it in a non conspicuious way, so my parents don't know about it. I do not do my own laundry either.

    Would washing them in the sink work well?

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    Warm water and soap. Soak in the sink and wash it by hand. Let it dry in a safe place.

    Never put them in the washing machine or the dryer.

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    The cow is wise! I wash & rinse mine in the shower and then towel them dry. After I hang them so the elastics can dry but if thats not an option put them away with a dry towel so they don't mold.

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    I put mine in the washing machine. It's the dryer that kills them. You can also you a hair dryer to dry them and get them soft and wrinkle free. Use a low heat setting.

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    Best method I know... wear 'em in the shower. Use regular soap/shampoo, then hang them to dry or dry them with a bath towel.

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    wash them in the shower, using plenty of water

    also works for those plastic pants with an outer cover made of fabric (i love them)

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    Wash them in washer on gentle cycle. Or wash them in sink in warm water. Put in dryer for 15 minutes on low or pat them dry.

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    I've never had plastic pants but I recall someone saying, you couldn't put them in the washing or they'd go brittle.

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