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    I'm not entirely sure why, but I've always wanted to try wearing a leotard. Since Halloween is coming around, I went to a store and bought a bodysuit, which is Good enough for me. I've finally tried it on, and it felt amazing. I'm glad I didn't just hype it up in my head for years, and then be disappointed lol.

    Does anybody else like leotards, one piece bathing suits, or dancewear? If you do, do you know why? If you have any, where did you purchase them?
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    I like them, I don't know why, and various online retailers. Lol

    I think for One Piece Swimsuits its because well I have that desire to be an adorable little girl and one of my things is wanting to wear a swim diaper to a pool (Never would go to a public pool but yeah lol) And Well, need a cute girly swimsuit for that!

    For dance ware, I just find it incredibly girly and frilly to do something like say ballet, so I have some ballet things. Though I almost never get to wear them, and same goes for the swimsuit, usually its just for fun since I don't have a pool for the swimsuit, and for the ballet stuff, I never have the free time, space, or privacy. But for some reason I like them.

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    Yes, I like them too.

    For swim wear, I think I fit and fell better in a one-piece than a two-piece. In most cases, the bottom half of the two-piece is always too small.

    For dance wear, I think little girls in dance wear and tutu's are just so pretty and I like to pretend that is me.

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    I have sort of a dance thing going. I own several ballet costumes, countless leotards and tights, some ballet slippers, and even a pair of pointe shoes.

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    Leotards onesies zentai bodysuits one piece swimsuits - all the tighter body molding conforming the better.
    Visualize one being in a fabric body paint with no restrictions - well maybe exception squeezing the life out of the sex.
    Think of being a living mannequin but without the borders of a fixed rigid movement.

    Now add a splash of color and show us what you got !

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    I have tights and some floofy 'tutu' skirts that I will wear out on occasion. :3

    I've only ever had people stop me to tell me that they loved my tights and where did I get them from because they wanted some too. (I had on Halloween ones with bats at the time)

    I also use leggings in lieu of tights because I can get them in all sorts of colors and patterns. And then I wear a skirt or shorts over them.

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    I live bodysuits, leotards, and one piece swimsuits too. I live the way they hold and move with you. I wear a long sleeve one piece rash guard for swimming. I hate that rash guards don't stay in place otherwise.

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    Thank you everyone. I was concerned I was the only one, but now I'm reassured.

    Quote Originally Posted by CuddleWoozle View Post
    I have tights and some floofy 'tutu' skirts that I will wear out on occasion. :3
    I actually wore tights for the first time the other day. They were super comfortable then I thought they'd be, but very staticky. If you're sitting down, and then stand up, your legs get pretty cold, lol.

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