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Thread: National Healthcare System

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    Yep, Obamacare sucks rotten eggs.

    Hay BabyTyrant. I am in that boat with name brand medication My pills if I had to pay for them would be $1330. More than the cost of rent.

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    The NHS (in the UK) is currently charged $69 for a twin-pack of Epipen injectors. Americans pay $608. The active ingredient itself costs about $1. :-o

    And then there's this poor guy who was turfed out of a cafe because he was scaring other customers. He does look pretty scary, to be fair. But whoever treated him for cancer did half a job, and he doesn't have the money to pay for reconstructive surgery himself. :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pawlf View Post
    Its been said the reason for the high cost of healthcare in the US is because of all the behind-the-scenes administrative work. It is a very time consuming, tedious, and headache inducing job. There is so much wasted $ within the US healthcare system its not even funny. Doctors charge a lot for their services but when the billing cycle comes around, may get 1/4 to at most 3/4 of what was originally billed depending on insurance and specific specialty of the provider. I've seen hundreds of thousands of dollars simply written off into space because insurance wasn't willing to pay and the patients sure as heck can't afford the high cost and the provider wasn't willing to fight for additional reimbursement.
    I hear this, there is a doctor that I go to. If I use insurance, the copay is 30, but she has to charge the insurance company a few thousands, but if I go as a "cash patient" she only charges 40 for the visit, and both ways she gets the same amount. (think about that, copay is 30, she has to charge a few hundred to get the other 10, after expenses of dealing with the insurance company) Think which she likes us to pay as.

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    Well, part of the problem in The United States is a Big Pharmaceutical company can at times decide to charge more $ just because they want to.

    It has happened a few times with different companies and different medications, but basically if the Pharma Company has it cornered in the market (which IIRC involves not letting a patent or something like that expire, which if that happens any company can sell generic versions of that medicine) they alone decide price; it's sort of like how the price on the Lethal Injection keeps going up in price (because it is one supplier that makes it and charges whatever cost they see fit).

    There is a reason why these Pharma Companies make Billions of Dollars, even if a lot of people cant afford the medication.

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