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    Does anyone else scope Sunday papers or sign up for baby diaper coupons & other baby needs coupons?
    I signed up a few years back as an expectant mother and I get quite a few coupons per month for little swimmers, wipes, $2.00 off Goodnites, $1.00 pkgs Huggies, etc.
    Am I the only one faking a baby here ^_^

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    Nope, I do it to.It's great because my family thinks my name just got sold to a marketing company.

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    Baby diapers don't fit me... so I never even thought about it.

    Might be a good way for some of the younger (or thinner) folk to save some money on goodnites.

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    I used to! I did it once, but I got the coupon from a ToysRus magazine handout thing. I took the coupon to the store......................and realized that I had to use the coupon in ToysRus only!

    I havent done any coupons recently, but I do plan to in the next couple of years!

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    I do Depends coupons all the time. I signed up for the monthly print out ones.

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    Thanks for the comments, I was starting to feel like I've cheated the company. ^_^

    Quote Originally Posted by babysage View Post
    Nope, I do it to.It's great because my family thinks my name just got sold to a marketing company.
    Yea my parents would joke and say "Is there something you're not telling us"
    Because the mail would say "your new baby" or as time went on "your 18 month old"

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    I did it too. I get coupons in the mail all the time. I was at the supermarket yesterday and this lady was handing out Huggies coupons. She gave me a whole bunch of coupons, a package of wipes for on the go, a coupon holder, activity book and a potty training dvd

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    Funny that diaper coupons came up for discussion at this very time. We just got a pack of Huggies coupons in the mail today. We never get baby item coupons in the mail, and suddenly they appeared in our mailbox! With my name on the pack no less.


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    So did we Pram.

    Too bad it's nothing we actually use.

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