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    Man, I just stumbled upon a reeeeeally old-school site: Rod Cox Old Fashion Incontinence Supplies. The site itself is old-school, and so are the products. But they look decent and the people who run the site are CLEARLY AB/DL aware (look at the last entry on the "Stories" page). It's kinda nice to see a throwback like this.


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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post
    No credit cards. No way.
    Oh yeah, this is super old school. I'm not recommending the site, just noting its existence.


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    Single page scrolling website and nothing disposable. That is some serious old school. Even a paper form to fill out what you are ordering. It probably took a great deal of technology to put that into a PDF format.

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    Wow that place is pretty close to me. And another one that is close is happy endings eco diapers. I had ordered something from them on Amazon then figured out that they are just down the road.

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