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Thread: Voiding when scared?

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    Neural control of voiding is very complicated.
    A good and simple explanation for voiding due to acute stress can be found here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPurple View Post
    Having worked on an ambulance in the past. It's entirely true that people coming off a motorbike at 80MPH tend to have brown trousers when you scrape them off the floor. I don't fully understand the mechanism though.
    I believe it is taught over here , that this is an indicator for spine injury. Especially interesting to us firefighters attending rti scenes

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    It happens. It has to me. Only once, only a dribble of pee, but, yep. When something happens to my computer, and I can't fix it, and I'm afraid of losing my best friend, who lives in Britain, with me all the way in America, or, I'm afraid I'll tick off the person who fixes it, my bowels want to move. When I can successfully fight them moving, orgasms have happened, instead. It's just the adrenaline.

    Fear causes 3 responses, fight, flight, or freezing. In a lot of situations, you'll fight, or run. I have CP. Me, fight? I'd be killed for trying. Me, run? I can't walk. Freeze, that's me, most of the time, unless I can make my words a weapon. Sometimes I can.

    It's a very short trip from the mildest bad thing ever happens, and I think, "I'm dead; I'm dead; I'm dead; I'm dead; I'm dead; I died; I'm dead!"

    Downright scary parents as a kid.

    Now, what good does a frozen animal do for itself? It poops or pees, so it's less apitizing to whatever wants to eat it.

    When would someone without a disability freeze and go? On a roller coaster, what are you going to fight? Where are you going to run to? You can't do either, from inside that ride.
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    I distinctly remember one time when I was maybe 6 or 7 we were celebrating some holiday or a birthday with fireworks. Big fireworks. I didn't know anybody had lit anything yet so I wasn't paying attention and out of nowhere, *BOOM* a huge motor launched up into the air. It startled me super badly. At the same time I realized I completely pooped my pants. I don't remember exactly but I probably already had to poop anyway, the loud sound just scared it out of me. I vaguely remember locking myself in the bathroom for like an hour in shame. Don't remember how it ended. I'm sure my parents eventually convinced me to come out and they washed my clothes.

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