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    The title says it all. I've been wrestling with this part of me for some years now.. ever since I was 14 years old. I know for certain that I am not a lesbian as I feel very much attracted to my boyfriend in a emotional, romantic, and sexual way.

    I've never actually had any kind of sexual experience with a female. For a time, I labeled myself as bisexual, but I dropped it as I felt that the label "bisexual" didn't really fit me. My attractions are much more fluid. There are sometimes when I am very much attracted to the same gender and there are times when I don't really notice the same gender at all. It gets a bit more confusing as I don't really notice that many people... male or female.

    For a while, I've chosen not to label my sexuality in any label in particular. I feel that bisexual doesn't adequately match my feelings. I don't believe that I am 100% straight either.

    Anyways... any discussion on this is welcome as well as advice and personal stories.

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    I think I can relate.

    I am not attracted to very many people at all, so my sexuality was quite a puzzle for me as well, with clues being few and far between. Eventually I learned that (in apparent contrast with most people) what draws me in has to do with one's persona, how they carry themselves, etc. What attracts me to someone isn't even physical. Insofar as seeking an appropriate label for myself, the best I've found thus far is "panromantic demisexual". o.o

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    from a sexual standpoint i hate every single thing about the male body and i think it's disgusting. if some guy tried any sexual adavnces on me i would murder him brutally

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    I consider myself gay in terms of how I just explain my sexuality, but I also would have to say I am both pansexual/asexual. I am very particular about who I find myself with, and I'm not very much into sexual stuff. I wouldn't say I'm totally 100% asexual, but I'd say that if I had to be without sex of any kind, I'd be totally for it.

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    I was sexually active with my girlfriend when I was in high school. She dumped me the first month of college and then I was sexually active with a guy for the next four years. After college I moved a couple of times. I met the woman who would become my wife and the mother to our children.

    Sexuality and knowing oneself is tricky, to say the least. I'm bi for sure, but at my present age, I don't have much of a sex drive. I suppose it's the circle of life. I suspect that the internet and the exchange of information has changed our society and how we view sexuality and how we view ourselves.

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    I've never considered myself anything except Straight, but I also have never placed a huge priority on Sex because I feel like what matters more is connecting with the person, so sex will have to take a back seat, especially since I imagine it is hard to find the truly right person for you and it doesn't take much to do something you may really regret in the future (by which I mean either marriage or having children)

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