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    Slept in my new Onesie last night. Ya'll are right, great feeling. I thing its the adult form of infant swaddling. Keeps your nappy right against you and in position. Slept like a baby.... My dilemma today, weather here is over cast and raining, I'm on couch watching morning new in my Onesie, with a wet and messy nappy. Don't want to go to work. Would love just to sit around and enjoy the moment. Will order more Onesis.

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    Yup onesies are amazing wanting to order one more so that I have 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safariwolf View Post
    Yup onesies are amazing wanting to order one more so that I have 3
    Where do you orders your onesies from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lykedanappies View Post
    Where do you orders your onesies from?
    Ebay and Etsy are good places to check out adult onesies. You can find custom or mass produced garments. I have both kinds but have recently been working with TVwebmom on Ebay and she has made me some wonderful garments.

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    Some diaper companies, like ABUniverse and Tykables also sell them. Tykables sells a variety of ABDL-minded apparel and accessories. Speaking from personal experience, I like ABU’s onesies. They come in a large variety of colors and sizes.

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    I bought my onesies from Amazon planning on buying another from etsy

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    I get onesies from Comfy care. But I also have a couple of adorable Paw Patrol themed onesies that a friend of my caregivers made for me to wear. They just used the measurements from one of my other onesies and made enough material to compensate for the initial shrinkage when washing for the first time.

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    Some of these onesies come down low on the sides of the hips and then turn in to the crotch, and others are more of a "V" (women's swimsuit) type fit. Be sure you order at least a size larger than you're expecting, because you have a diaper to fit at the bottom.

    Also you might want to consider single piece footed jammies instead. You can get them in solid colors, patterns, and even more elaborate materials. I've got a "cuddle fleece" snow leopard from the All In One Company. (those are considerably more expensive than just a onesie, but they're nice!) If you like how a onesie will hold in your diaper, footed jammies really take it to the next level. If you have a caregiver to be dressing you, you can select a zipper in the back, and a few places even offer locking zipper options. (though with a little minor work you can add a locking arrangement, even if only adding an eyelet at the top in the back to run a wire tie through that and the zipper pull)

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    I have mostly cute printed bodyonesies which I have got from Germany where the one seamstress makes awesome looking ABDL clothings and some rest of the bodyonesies I have bought from other ABDL shops around the Europe

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