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Thread: Is there anything that helps get rid of sores easily?

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    Default Is there anything that helps get rid of sores easily?

    Idk why, but from to time I get rather annoying zit type sores on my legs, but usually though they hurt like hell to pop, they pop with a little force, and soon go away.

    Right now I've got a rather stubborn one though, the kind that dont seem to have anything there, yet they swell like crazy and are really sore to the touch, any tips to help with sores like these?

    Hopefully it isn't as big of a deal as it seems and it soon starts to heal, I mean it's not the worse skin condition I've ever had (which would have to go to when i had a spot of skin with MRSA, dont look it up, just know that i was bad until i saw a doctor, took antibiotics and the infection eventually cleared up), but it will likely make walking awkward/painful if my legs get too close together.

    I know general advice is "go see a doctor", but I'm guessing (and hoping) it will be gone long before I could go see a doctor, given if I ever have to reschedule a Doctors appointment it usually gets put off until weeks later (supposedly because the Doctor is so busy as that is their "first available" appointment)

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    Betadine should help with swelling and infection. There are other iodine formulations, but they're mostly alcohol based and sting much more than the glycerol based betadine.

    From your description, you may be at risk of developing, or in the early stages of hidradenitis suppurativa, for which there is no cure but constant vigilance and management (thorough cleanliness of the affected areas). If you search 'hidradenitis' on here, you'll find my posts on this subject and some tips on the management of the condition; best you start now, before it worsens.
    There are plenty of sufferer resources on the web, although the medical community knows little about the causes and any treatments other than to throw acne and antibiotic treatments at it and, when they fail, to just cut out what offends them.

    I would also advise you stop using disposable diapers/pads as they're unclean and illfitting, but I'm currently wearing a tykables overnight as I have a leaking abscess beside my anus and a backlog of Terry nappies to wash 😎
    I am thoroughly creamed up, though.
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    Yeah, I looked it up, sounds like what I got.

    My problem is the really big sore isn't coming to a point that I can squeeze to drain, clean up, bandage and then let it heal, and yes Diapering up seems like a bad idea at this time, hopefully my body does what it needs to and makes it so I can actually deal with the big sore, clean up, and heal.

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    It sounds as though you need some antibiotics; and a talk about HS with your doctor.
    Regarding your current abscess, and others, once you've drained it, you may need to leave it exposed to the air and to also keep it draining whilst it heals. Therefore, bandaging it may not be best.
    I usually need a few days for healing before getting back to 'normal' lest it becomes reinfected (and by which point another one, nearby or elsewhere, is usually rearing it head).

    Nappies (traditional UK type) form a part of my daily management, in conjunction with my homemade ointment and a regime of thorough cleanliness around the affected areas. Suitably worn, the padding also helps to avoid pressure upon problem areas. The ointment disinfects and softens the skin, helping to ripen and open up any sores and also kill any germs within leaked blood and pus thereby preventing spreading (I've done the research on Dettol's effect on germladen blood and pus).
    So, you needn't stop wearing diapers wholly, just change what and how you wear.

    There's lots of other things to consider (oral hygiene, how and where you lie and sit, clothing, etc; don't worry, it only takes up most of your life), but it seems to be a lot of trial and error, differing from person to person.

    The first step is getting a diagnosis, then it opens up a world of antibiotics to at least take some of the load so that you can then identify cause and effect.
    Caught early enough, you may not develop HS (if don't already have it; HS basically describes the damage caused by repeated, untreated infections). Getting antibiotics ASAP can be problematic without a diagnosis and is a bit of catch-22. It took me ten years of repeated and worsening infections to finally get a diagnosis, by which time the damage was done. Nowadays, I'm on antibiotics permanently and I get an 'URGENT' fob to hand to the chemist for any infections which get out of hand.

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    I have had the same problem for maybe 2 or 3 years (very on/off, on when it's hot and I sweat way too much), it has not got as bad as it has recently, but it does seem to be getting a bit better; idk if I would say it is "clearing up" yet, but the main sore has shrunk by a lot, I'm hopeful that it may just have been because of the weather getting hot again.

    When I first noticed how bad the biggest sore was it looked about as wide as a 50 cent piece and felt and looked like it was about to explode; but now it looks about 1/2 dime sized.

    You see being in Upstate New York the weather seems a bit bipolar at times; it cooled down for a few days, then went from Fall back to Summer, and the high temperatures made me sweat a lot and then I noticed my inner legs felt very sore and I noticed the Huge Sore (and many smaller ones, which aren't swollen and infected feeling and don't cause pain, except when the excess sweating comes into the picture).

    Of course I will have to keep maintenance up to see if it goes away completely and may talk to me doctor at my next appointment if it persists.

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