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Thread: Don't you hate getting frustrated?

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    Default Don't you hate getting frustrated?

    So this last week has been a lot more frustrating than o had hoped for, always too much to do and not enough time.

    Then work made it mandatory overtime the last 2 Fridays (usually have Fridays off because we get 40 hours in Monday Through Thursday), so even less time than on an average week, then I find out the company doing a pre-employment background check for the company I'm gonna start working for is useless and cant do their job the right way.

    So I spent hours looking for my Diploma, finally found it, so basically I can look forward to putting my final 2 weeks in, get all the money I can between 401k and last checks (including vacation), and start making real money pretty soon.

    It feels good that I can say Goodbye to a job that is getting worse, and Hello to a job that starts paying a good amount better right off the bat.

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    I've had my share of frustration too. It's great to hear that you've gotten a better job. It's soul sucking to work or study in a place that you absolutely hate.

    Hang in there... A lot of people on ADISC are with you... and you can count me as one of them

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    Default Don't you hate getting frustrated?

    Yeah, I understand this. I work a job where my schedule is 40 hours in from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday morning. I get a few hours to go home to sleep on Mondays before I have to come back.

    Plus, any holidays that happen to be on Monday actually have me working mandatory overtime and I donít get my break if itís a holiday - I worked Labor Day, and last Christmas Day and New Years, the entire 24 hours of it (and then some).

    Plus, I work a job with some fairly violent individuals with no actual break during the day. My break comes when all of my individuals are asleep, however, Iím still doing work as well.

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    Yup I'm right there with ya I'm on day nine of ten of straight work at my job my great grandma just passed away had to miss my dad's birthday and both my headlight and muffler just went out on my car but hey I don't let life get me down there's always some good that comes from the bad sometimes it's just a little harder to find it

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