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    I'm not sure you will understand me, but I certainly hope. Feel free to comment. I really need to talk about it.
    I live my life as a straight man, but I'm bisexual
    To be precise, it's like there is a man and a women inside me and both are straight.

    My first sexual experience was with a man at the age of 24. Between the age of 24 to 27, I had only sexual experiences with men. Always as a bottom and always asking men not to touch my penis, just my ass : to be with a man as if I were a woman.
    But they often touched my penis and it was displeasing. I always felt my man's body was in the way of really enjoying the moment.

    Then I had a relationship with a women for 3 years. Relationships with men... Now I'm married with a woman.
    I'm living my life as a man. Half of me is satisfied. The other half, well not so much.

    I have a dum and silly wish. It would be great that when I'll be old, I could change my man's body for the body of a young women. So I could live another life in a women's body and have relationships with men as a women : with a real vagina, breasts and everything.

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    There's times when I wish I could trade my body for a different one, too. I understand exactly what you're going through.

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