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    Got this pic from the storm that rolled though earlier. I love stormy weather

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    Australia gets some pretty hectic storms throughout the summertime... or we used to a while back.

    I recall one afternoon at school, about 1pm. We all got sent home early because this thick, black cloud came roaring over the city (which was only a few kilometres away from us, and we could see it clearly because my school was on the top of a hill). Imagine a bright, sunny afternoon almost instantly turned into early evening as the cloud passed in front of the sun.

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    I love stormy weather as well. Strange, since most people I know can't stand it. Rain always makes me feel a bit better, especially when it's pelting down in big drops and there's thunder close by. I also love blizzards...

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    I got the most incredable storm at summer camp when I worked there. I had this thing where I would predict my weather rock, and I predicted rain when it was a beutiful morning. All the kids doubted the power of my weather rock. Well, in the afternoon it started to rain and I laughed. I was so happy it was raining, I showed them! well then it started to rain harder and I moved all the kids in my area under the kybo (outhouse, don't worry, it was big and the wind blew the stink away) untell the rain died down. Then it started to really really poor, scary hard. Then it started to hail giant ice balls. Then there was a flash flood that cut a crater into the path. When the rain finally stopped, I actually had kids pray to my weather rock, apologising for doubting the power of the rock. I felt like a god.

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    I like the rain, too. It rains here a bunch in the summer, so I've grown to like it.

    It's actually overcast right now, looks like its getting ready to rain.

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    I like Thunder Storms too as long as they don't get to severe. And living here in the Midwest that is usually the case.

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    I've always had a love hate thing with storms. I have made a lot of money after floods and hurricanes but the stress is tough. Last year I was tossing off to some internet porn as a lightning storm passed through and a bolt hit a tree less than 50 feet from me. God missed! The tree died though.


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