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Thread: GTA 4 PC Save-game problem

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    Default GTA 4 PC Save-game problem

    Ok, I have GTA 4 for PC installed on my computer running Windows Vista. I had the save games backed up before I reformatted. I reinstalleD GTA4, put the save files in the EXACT same place they were before and yet GTA4 still forces me to start a new game.

    Does anyone have experience with this?

    Because I KNOW that the save file worked before I reformatted.

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    Might of Saved The Wrong Saved data or not in full ...

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    The solution is to uninstall the game, even on the best consumer computers you can barely run the game. I only get like 18-24 FPS at best on the lowest settings yet I can play crysis on medium at 28-30 FPS..

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    It runs like a beast on my computer... I've got more than enough video memory, and 8 Gigabytes of RAM.

    My 9800 GT can played Crysis MAXED and GTA 4 MAXED...

    its the 1024 mb card..

    The best card i've owned. period.

    I'll get a 295, eventually. right now i am in a transitional state in my life and can't afford a whole hell of a lot, but I DID just upgrade my laptop to a 7200 rpm sata drive

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    the GPU and ram doesn't really matter that much to GTA4, it really craves a 4 core processor which is stupid as hell since crysis runs just fine on dual cores and that has better physics and graphics.

    I am just glad I did not pay to try it out on my PC..

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