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Thread: Issues with wearing and engaging in bed

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    Default Issues with wearing and engaging in bed

    I've tried searching through other posts before posting this one, so I'm sorry if it's already been asked!

    I'm basically curious as to how other members of the community approach sexual engagements with a partner while still wearing a diaper. I've tried to cut out a hole in the appropriate spot, but it gets too messy after only a little while, as the fuzz starts coming out everywhere and ruins the experience. So I'm hoping for a way to do this without the mess.

    Thank you all in advance!


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    I tend to use goodnites or pullups for something like that. Instead of cutting a hole, they can be pulled aside, pulled down, ect. Or I'll use a diaper with second chance tapes, so the bottom tapes can be undone for my lover to move the diaper easier. I however, have seen some people use tape around the hole they cut to keep the padding where it belongs.

    The only other thing I would like to say is don't stick strictly to diapered sexual activities. Too much can make it boring. Anyways, hope this helps.

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    This is indeed an interesting question... To be honest - I'd never used a diaper in sexual engagements with my partner. Even if my partner would also share my passion for diapers I think this would be good for a prelude only. I don't think that it is very comfortable using a diaper for the real think. Actually we have a very well protected bed and bedpads under the sheets. It allready happed that we flooded the bed in ecstasy and that was really fun but I never had the wish to wear a diaper in that case... I like it naked :-)

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    Thanks for the info! I just entered into an ABDL relationship and want my lover to have access!

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