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Thread: bullying

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    Default bullying

    this is another one of these polls about formative experiences that may have influenced you to become an AB or a DL. it seems like a lot of people here have been bullied, and i can recall a number of people saying they actually think it may have been a direct cause of their infantilism.

    of course this is the internet, meaning that a large percentage of us are geeks, and geeks are generally more likely to get bullied than usual. so even if we do have a larger-than-average population of bullying victims here, it doesn't necessarily prove anything. but all the same, i hope it'll lead to some interesting discussion about how bullying might have caused people to develope an interest in diapers and infantilism. if you think bullying IS a cause for you, be sure to make a post describing exactly how you think it caused your interests to develope.

    (personally i was bullied a little bit here and there, but nothing really out of the ordinary i think)

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    I put nope not really, I was teased a bit when I was younger... but nothing excessive.

    I was pretty popular in what would be considered Junior High, and well liked in Highschool as well, still am. I am mostly a floater, I don't stick with that group, I have 4 or 5 very good friends, and I just hang out with everyone else.

    I tend to usually only go out once or twice a week, I see everyone at school anyways. I'm pretty humble, and I like to be home.

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    Being the sort of "background" guy at school had it's perks... I was never bullied. Well, maybe just a few people making some off-handed comments about me, but nothing I couldn't shoot back at. When I did retort, it was very defensive and very hard. It sort of gave this intimidating aura about myself. So I think people just got the message to stay away unless they had something serious to say. But despite that, I was a bit of a jokester and people found my bizarre, quick-delivery witty/wordplay humour to be hilarious.
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    I was bullied both physically and verbally throughout high-school primarily due to racism. It didn't influence me to become an infantilist as I was already self-aware of being one prior high school. I hadn't had any issues of bullying before or after then.

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    Well let's see, going into third grade(went to private school before then) I was made fun of because I was afraid to talk during class(remember..private school before that,very strict.)
    that went on for a year, then I was singled out to be made fun of by everyone else for the next 3 years for almost anything really....then in middle school it got worse with the introduction to the internet for communication, Aim etc, and after a lot of crap over the internet, someone at school finally got my aim password and told everyone(using my SN) that i was gay and that i was in love with one of my good friends, well now in highschool that has passed as people moved to schools, but now everyone shys away from me unless they know me, and 'for some reason' when ever there is one of those shootings at schools, I always get strange stares and have been asked if I'd go crazy like them....yeah school sucks...bullying sucks...and I think that is the direct reason why im a TB...

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    funny story.....

    I was bullied in pre-k and kindergarten
    but after finally losing my cool
    I found (and proved) my real strength
    then became the bully up until jr-high I saw it was pointless

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    this is one of my theories, but i'm not sure if it's true.

    i was bullied so much in school that i was suisidal. i hated my life, and it's writen in several places. in my first grade journal, "i hate my life" is writen and on my basement closet wall, "kill me" is writen (don't remember writing that, but it's there). to keep my sanity, i blocked out all my emotions.

    i really didn't care about anything untell quite recently, after i found out about infantilism. i think that in order to get past my mental emotion blocks, i have to regress to befor i put them up (around 7).

    this has been mostly disproven as in i'm really emotional a lot now. but i also act really imiture. so i might just be regressed a lot of the time, and act my age when i don't want to feal anything.

    just a theory.

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    Yup, and I think it contributed a small bit.

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    Not bullied because nobody would really dare, but I've been insulted, hit a few times though not badly, this kind of stuff. I know that a lot of people would like to beat me up right now. They just say I'm not worth it or whatever, they aren't stupid, they know it'll only get them in trouble.

    I don't think it caused me to be an infantilist, but then again, I don't know what caused it at all, and even though I'm skeptical about it, it's one of the reasons that are most likely to have caused it. I can't tell though. Maybe it's not suffering this that caused it, but the fact that I have no real friend, nobody to talk to who can help me empty my mind of all the bad thoughts that I have been getting for the past years. I don't feel close at all to my parents, my siblings are worse to me than the worst people in my school, and when I think about it, I just feel like a loner, even in primary school where "everyone is friends with everyone", I was very naive and thought that I had friends, though nobody really cared about me. But I digress, when I start talking about that, it never ends, there's just too much to say about it. *focuses on good thoughts*

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