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Thread: Has anyone else noticed?

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    Default Has anyone else noticed?

    So now that I am done with college and living with my girlfriend (who doesn't know I like diapers) I cannot order abenas online anymore. I have gone back to Depends max size small/med. Now I am finding it harder and harder to find the max in stores now. It is like depends is discontinuing that line, but it is still on their website. Has anyone else noticed this or know what is going on?

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    I think they are trying to "flood" the market with their new pullups for him and her. There were still plenty of Depend diapers on the shelf at Wal-mart the last time I looked.

    I think the core of your problem is that you have not told your SO. You need to be up front and honest about this with her... and the sooner the better. You do not want to go the rest of your life sneaking around and trying to hide this.

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    Now that you mention it, I have noticed a lack of diapers on the grocery store shelves. I actually went out in search for some Depends a few weeks ago. I like having some cheap diapers around as an option but I was out of luck. Went to two stores..Albertson's and Kroger. Both had nothing but disposable underwear. I still haven't seen any...

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    Yah, when I went and bought diapers on my last diaper run, I got the last pack of "Maximum protection." I dont know if the CVS I went to has gotten any more but I know that the pack I grabbed was the last one on the shelf at that time. I guess I will figure this out the next time I go on a diaper run. :P

    Oh you need to be honest with your girlfriend. I think thats the best policy. That, and you can order diapers and have some diaper fun with her if she is understanding!
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