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    After spending nearly two years in therapy, there's a chance I might finally be getting somewhere.

    My therapist asked me what I needed her help with, and I told her, it's all the pain I feel. The multiple emotional traumas I've suffered that have left me with wounds that never heal, and a need to find stability, comfort, and control through regression. Basically the same stuff I've been telling her all along, but now she's proposed trying EMDR on me: I figure I've got nothing to lose, except the pain...

    I said to her though, will fixing the pain make the regression go away? Because I do enjoy it, despite the reasons behind it. She's of the mind that maybe we can make the need go away, but leave the want.

    I know there are people into AB/DL who are much more emotionally healthy than I am, and whose inclinations don't have a history of trauma behind them. It's just more of a foreign concept to me, when a lot of my regressive tendencies stem from pain.

    Anybody done EMDR? Successes? Failures? Thoughts?

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    Hi Kimba,

    i've had EMDR, i've had a succes but also the knowledge that some stuff can't be "repaired"
    be prepared to have things go very deep, and know things resurface, and painfull... this is all in the recovery and final "placement"

    i've had some great succes, and it can really help to "turn pages" of a endless chapter, and be able to kinda "move on"
    the end result can take a while, but sure feels great.

    Feel free to PM me for more private info...

    Best of luck !

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