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  • RTS

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  • RPG

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  • FPS

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  • Other

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Thread: RTS vs RPG vs FPS vs anything else

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    Default RTS vs RPG vs FPS vs anything else

    Which genre of computer game do you feel is best?

    RTS = Real Time Strategy, such as Age Of Empires, Command and Conquer, Black And White, Total War games etc.

    RPG = Role Playing Game, such as Final Fantasy, Grandia, Dark Cloud, the newer mario games

    FPS = First Person Shooter, such as COD, James Bond, Halo

    Any Other = Arcade, screen Scrolling, third person shooters (Metal Gear Solid)

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    Can't really choose one over the other, so I'm going to pop into the middle and say..


    I mean, without side-scrolling platforming games, where would we be? Nowhere!

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    Butterfly Mage


    For me, the Diablo/Sacred RPG format of "click... Click... Click... Kill... Kill... Kill..." Has always been a winner for me. What's better than killing the monsters, stealing its treasure, selling the treasure, buying cool stuff, then leveling up?

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    Though I still like GTA and End War.
    And don't forget NFS, GT ect ect.

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    RPGs are better~
    They have story and environment.
    Other types of games are just competitions and skill testers.

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    Side Scrolling Platformers, or Schmups.

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    How can you forget Driving/Racing simulations? Those are definately tops on my list.

    Though Civilizations, Fable, and Halo have their places too.

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    rpgs are the best.

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    What do you actually do in and RPG, to me an RPG is something you use in an FPS or TPS to blow shit up.

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