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    Default Sticks Says hello!

    Hi All,

    My name is sticks, I am a DL/Daddy from Australia. I have been wearing for a few years now and would love to meet/talk to other AB/DL's

    Have fun, be wet.

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    Welcome to the site!

    Have any hobbies/interests? It's so we can get to know you a little better.

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    Welcome to ADISC, sticks.

    (Just a tip, people don't like it here when people ask who is wet, or generally anything related to that. )

    (Also, this site isn't really for meeting other AB/DL's. It happens sometimes, but that's not this site's purpose.)

    Anyways, don't be afraid to tell us a little more, and enjoy the site.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Yes, welcome. So you are a daddy, and pretty experienced in the ab/dl world Just out of curiosity, what kinds of things did you see and like here that got you to join up? We are always interested in the things that spark peoples' interest.
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    Welcome... your a dad? I wonder how the kids take you being a DL.

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    Welcome to the community and I hope you find some interesting people to talk to, whether on the board, in the IRC chat or using other avenues (some of us advertise our IM availability too).

    "be wet" is a sort of salutation that I've used in the past too, but usually not on the forums. It's better used in small groups rather than this public. Anyway, pull the chair up to your keyboard and get down to the fun things...

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    welcome sticks, we hope you enjoy your stay here, could you tell us a bit more about you so we can interact with you better as a community

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