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Thread: BEST Diaper I can get from Walmart, Target, Kmart?

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    I'm hoping I don't have to get Depends again...

    And it has to be the briefs, with tapes...

    Oh yeah forgot about CVS, Walgreens..
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    Those CVS brand diapers are decent if you're looking for something kinda cheap.

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    Ok how do they stack up against Depends..

    Are they thick..

    .. I don't like doublers...

    If they are better than depends then yea, I would buy them but price is not really an object tomorrow will have some extra money to throw around and Im out of Diapers.. really need some more...

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    Well they are not all that good I mean they are cheap and CVS brand cheap. But if money is not an issue, Depends would be a better choice. Personally I love those CVS brands.

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    I hate to say, but from one of the stores you mentioned, depends are about the best you can get. However, I have good news. On wal-mart's website you can order Molicare's, which are one of the best on the market, and what they will do is deliver it to whichever Wal-mart you ask. Then, you go to wal-mart and pick them up. The only thing I don't know is whether you need to pay online with a credit card or not, perhaps someone else here might know. Even if you need to pay with a credit card, you can buy pre-paid American Express cards at Wal-mart, they are usually in the checkout lanes with the other impulse buy items, or at least they are at the one I go to.

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    You should look in the phone book to see if there is a medical supply store around your area. These normally have tenas or something better than what you are going to find in the stores listed. In my own opinion, i think the walgreens overnite briefs are probably the best you are going to do from those stores. Good Luck.

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    Walgreens brand ain't horrible. But if you want plastic covered I'm afraid Depend is the best you can do.


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    The last time I looked at Depends at Walmart all they were carrying were the pull-up style. Just get a phonebook out and find all the smaller pharmacies in the area and just cruise around and check them all out. You're bound to find something more interesting than Walmart brand briefs.

    If I'm in a pinch and can't get an online order in time, I have found a local place that carries Tena's full line. Their Super fitted briefs and their ultra velcro belted briefs work pretty well if you don't mind cloth backing. They actually work pretty well for deep cover wearing in public. I can personally wear fairly close fitting jeans without showing or being uncomfortable, and they'll take a solid 2-3 full floods and even more if you slowly leak.

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    I've tried some Assurance (Wal-Mart store brand) before, and they're definitely better than Depends. Unless they've changed them, that'd be my pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    Walgreens brand ain't horrible. But if you want plastic covered I'm afraid Depend is the best you can do.

    I second this.

    Walgreens doesnt have standing leak guards though.

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