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Thread: CB's, OB's and Alphas

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    Default CB's, OB's and Alphas

    just wondering what beta's (closed and open) and alphas people are in right now. I play a lot of beta's so i was wondering if anyone in the rest of the community did as well?

    my list:
    Current Betas:
    BattleField Heroes
    Starcraft 2
    Luna Online
    titan online
    corum online
    Dance! online
    a few others I can't talk about (NDA's)
    Just finished a bunch too:

    IGN for most games is: marksteele

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    Non-Disclosure Agreements are stupid. I had to physicallly sign before they would let me test a certain game that STILL after being released for over 2 years.. I can't tell anyone, because they can take legal action until July of 2010. LOL!

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    How can you possibly keep up with all of those?
    I'm not in any right now. Unless you count open alphas of non-MMO games.

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    lol shippo i clock 10-15h a day on my computer so i mange to fit them all in

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