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Thread: General Delivery Nit-picky Questions

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    Default General Delivery Nit-picky Questions

    If I was to use General Delivery to ship Bambinos...
    1. Do I put "General Delivery" next to my last name in that slot, or elsewhere?
    2. What is a "Main Post Office"? How can I find this out? Does this matter?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Main post office is where they ship out the mail ( where you see all sorts of mail trucks lined up along the rear )

    Id like to know too... I wanna buy Bambinos but cant ship them here.

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    The USPS Website states that you should contact your local Postmaster. So you should call the nearest Post Office to you. That having been said, If were to get something shipped General Delivery when I was in high school, it would probably go something like this:

    General Delivery
    Westerville, OH 43081.

    @timmy: What you describe is most likely NOT the Main Post Office. That is probably the distribution facility for the area. The main post office is the main location where retail postal services are offered. For example, when I lived in Westerville, the main post office was closer to the center of town, however there was a branch office in the shopping center near my house.

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    TDI FTW... ... ... ???

    Hahahahaha.... seriously. ROFL

    Sorry, just had to.

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    Have you called or contacted Bambinos itself?

    Surely they are familiar with all this, considering their product and the skittishness of some of their customers.

    They should be able to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    TDI FTW... ... ... ???

    Hahahahaha.... seriously. ROFL

    Sorry, just had to.
    So he's a boyscout who likes his jetta.

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    "TDIFTW" is going to get him picked on by every ricer in town.

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    Nah, most of your rice crowd wouldnt know what a diesel was if it bit them in the ass. I have more trouble with ricers than i know what to do with. They see someone in an STi and just assume im some kiddy asshat who wants to race, then they see im slightly older and wearing a suit and just buzz away trying to impress me with their mad tyte skillz or something like that hehe

    As for the shipping thing, i just have my orders shipped via ups or fedex, then once you have a tracking number you can call and have it held by saying you are not home during the day and you have had packages stolen. Works everytime

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    What I do is rent a post office box and have everything shipped there. The post office puts a yellow tag in your PO box and then you go to the counter to pick up your package.

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