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    i was playing with my pretty hair while wearing just a diaper and had an accident. it just happened so quickly and made me feel sooo shy and vulnerable.
    a bit later i was smoking weed and felt cramps in my stomach but i didnt wanna make my diapie all dirty so i tried to hold it. but then i just had another accident and my diaper was all wet and dirty and squishy and i felt soo little and girly and shy and i wanted a hug and someone to change me..

    then i blushed and sat on my bed to squish my diapie and feel even more little. but when i went to take a shower i looked in the mirror and thought how cute i look. i tried to pose a little with my diaper butt and my cute hair and i looked just like all those abdl girls on tumblr. i never felt so girly before

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    That's awesome, Alexia! Moments like that make my day too, and feeling just a little bit girly every now and then is just what I need. Hoping for more moments like that in the future! <3

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