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Thread: Build a Bear Workshop

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    I think that store is adorable. It really makes me feel like a little kid again. I think it would be a cute place to go on a date with my girlfriend. I think the stuffies are a tad overpriced however :\ and i don't think my mom would be too proud of me spending hard earned money on a stuffed animal.

    Does anyone else like that store? I have been recently because my sister went there for my birthday. I feel like it used to be better bbut i think that may be because i was younger. It just seems like 7 years ago it has much more of a selection (im 16).

    I'm not a B or DL for that matter (i feel like a broken record i should just put that in my sig) but I really am comforted when I hold a stuffy. I feel like this is a little embarasing to my real life friends but sometimes a plushie helps me with my insomnia...along with the pills. Does that mean i regress?!

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    Last week me and my dad helped his friend move and we both got 90 bucks each for it. Anyways I spent nearly 20 of mine on Rum. :P

    The point of that is spend your money for exactly what it is, your money. Though it can't hurt to save some percentage of it. Also I didn't blow all off it away on rum or alcohol either, spread your money around to the best possible extent.

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    I love build a bear x.x I have I think 5 bears now from them. And I agree on the overpriced part, they are, but they're so worth it!

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    when i went there with my sister i wanted the panda!
    all the good animals are like over $20 :\

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    That store is amazing. I haven't been there since I was 14, but I'd love to go again this summer! The animals there are very cute and cuddly, and the clothes for them are well made. The whole "you make the animal, you name it, you decide what it will be etc etc" is the coolest part in my opinion.

    I am the proud creator of two animals: Johann - my white teddy with blue highlights, and Rascal - my tree frog.

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    It is really fun for little kids to go there and customize their own plushie. they do have new styles from time to time! So go more than once and introduce yourself to new animals that you might learn to love. If you're a *B then you can enjoy doubly.

    Clothing is good too. You can dress your plushie almost as stylish as you dress yourself.

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    eh personally i dont think the clothes are worth it :] but if your into it i respect that. I still love the plushies

    my girlfriend makes stuffed animals w/ her sewing machine!o.o i wonder if she can make me a L plushie (from deathnote)

    oh and pojo when i was there i was actually looking for the cow...i cant find it T__T I regognized your cow from an old cattalog when i first saw it (photographic memory)

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    Quote Originally Posted by curiousitykitten View Post
    oh and pojo when i was there i was actually looking for the cow...i cant find it T__T I regognized your cow from an old cattalog when i first saw it (photographic memory)

    I don't think they sell him anymore

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    I have a hello kitty from build a bear. I was going to give it to a family member for a holiday but then was told she'd be a little too old for it probably.

    It wasn't cheap so I just kept it. now it's just sitting in my house. It's cute at least.

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