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    Recently, I´m more in the ab lifestyle and I was using my paci more times. Because of this, I have two questions:

    1- Sometimes, after use my paci, my teeth hurts a bit. I heard taht it is because I use a Nuk 3. For people that have a Nuk 5... Is it, trully, better than Nuk 3? because?
    If yes, where would the best place to buy it from Spain?

    2- Im´looking for tips to develop a real oral fixation that make me need the pacifier all day. Have you?

    Sorry for my bad english.

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    1. Yes, in my opinion a nuk 5 is better. I think your best bet to get one would be ebay.

    2. My suggestion, just use your pacifier a lot, and eventually you would develop a fixation I would think, not sure though.

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    1) I've had jaw aches myself too. It only lasts a little bit and eventually goes away completely. I think your mouth just needs to get used to it a bit. If thats not the case, try a bigger pacifier. I also highly recommend NUK 5's riginal:

    2) After prolonged usage of a pacifier you start to redevelop your sucking reflex. Its basically just that you automatically start sucking whenever you put a nipply object like a pacifier or bottle in your mouth, from when you were a baby. It's not like you *need* the pacifier, but I can tell you if you do it long enough you may develop a dependency for it. :unsure:
    And yeah, I have it too. Put a pacifier in my mouth when I'm asleep and I'll start to suckle away happily :baby:

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    Quote Originally Posted by FCooly View Post
    For people that have a Nuk 5... Is it, trully, better than Nuk 3? because?
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    1) I've found my Nuk 5 to be more comfortable than the Nuk 3's I used to use simply because they stay in my mouth better. I used to have to suck fairly hard on Nuk 3's just so they wouldn't fall out, and they did hurt my teeth more than the Nuk 5 does. If I sleep through the night with a Nuk 5 in my mouth (could never do that with the 3's), though, my front teeth will ache a bit in the morning. I haven't noticed any permanent movement of my teeth, however.

    2) Not sure I'd want a paci all day... That said, I have developed a sort of urge to suck on a pacifier when I am unusually stressed out; never had that urge before I started using a paci regularly. I also get the urge when I am rather inebriated and I have fallen asleep on friends couches sucking my thumb before... I must conclude that this is urge due to pacifier use in my teen/adult years, because I was never a pacifier-user as an infant (parents wouldn't allow it) and didn't suck my thumb as a child, either.

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