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Thread: Ordering Not To My Home?

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    Question Ordering Not To My Home?

    Ok sorry if this has been asked before but I didnt see it anywhere.

    Anyway I have a UPS store and mail station near my house where you can send packages and get stamps ETC. But is it possible to order from a site like "XP Medical" and then go pick them up at the UPS store or mail station?

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    USPS - Receive Mail at Other Locations

    General Delivery is a great choice for you if carrier service or a PO Box is not an option. Your mail will be held at your Main Post Office for up to 30 days and can be conveniently picked up at any retail window. This is also a great option if you donít have a permanent address. To find your Main Post Office, please contact your local Postmaster.
    This is what I'd recommend. It costs nothing, and is still relatively anonymous.

    The UPS Store: Domestic Shipping FAQ

    Can I send my shipment to The UPS Store to be held for pick-up?

    If you are a current mailbox holder, The UPS Store will receive and hold your packages for pick-up, subject to storage fees and other conditions (as applicable). We do not recommend that our locations accept packages for non-mailbox holders, as there is a security risk involved.


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    Yes, but make sure you tell them ahead of time, and leave your phone number or a way for them to contact you. For the UPS store, they'll hold a package for a few days, and then send it back if no one picks it up (I had that happen to me twice with one package...It's a pain). If you tell them before hand, then they should call you the day it arrives. There is a $5 fee to pay for them to hold your package though.

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    I have done this three times now. Just make sure you call and make sure it is cool with them. The last time I called (a new store opened up...not the closest one but second closest too me), they said yes, but there will be a five dollar a day fee if I didn't pick it up the day it came in. The two times before that it was a five dollar hold fee. So just call around and ask. Most likely you will find one.


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    Is there any way at all that my parents would find out, by the post office or UPS store contacting my house?

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