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    Smile hello from babyalex

    Hi everyone !!!

    I'm Jim, { username babyalex }. I just wanted to introduce myself and
    tell you a little about me.

    First off, I'm really forty one years of age. Whew!! But I wear diapers and sleep with a teddy bear in my footed teddy bear pajamas, So, I feel like I'm a toddler who is two and a half because I like to pee and poop in my diapers. There's a toilet in my apartment, but I have never used it because I'm afraid that there is a horrible potty monster just waiting to bite my bare butt off if I sit on the big people's seat.

    I also have shaven all of my body hair { except for my legs } off because
    this feels so incredibly great, and I shaved my butt because I was sick of poop sticking to my butt hairs. I'm not afraid to admit this to anyone, nor
    am I shy about showing off my shaven body, if you don't want to read this,
    then don't.


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    Babyalex I'd put this in your own post if I were you.

    Welcome anyhow.
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    Darn what did I miss???

    Anyways welcome to our community! Remember one of the rules...Play nice!

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    welcome to the site its nice to see a variaty of ages on the site =]

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