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    Iíve only ever used baby bottles before and decided I want to try an adult sized one. Iíd like your opinions on the ones you like. I like the nipples that actually look like baby bottles, not the odd super long ones or the ones that look like an adult nipple was crammed into the lid of a baby sized bottle. Iíve seen a few on and also on Etsy that I like the look of. Which ones do you use? I also like a faster flow.

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    Doctor Brown's baby bottles are by far the best. You just have to put a few extra holes in the nipple or step up to a level 2 or 3 nipple.

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    My favorite of all that I've tried or even seen is "Chicco NaturalFit". They have a nice nipple (and if you get the fast flow which has three holes, then you can take a large pin about the size of a T-pin (I use a large safety pin), heat the tip to red hot with a lighter or small butane torch, then insert it into each hole and it will enlarge it enough to make it plenty fast flowing for me), they come in an 11oz. bottle (though they actually hold 12oz. comfortably, for those who like soda you can fit a full 12oz. can in one), their cereal nipple works well for milkshakes, they are made in Italy (unlike so many others which are made in china by slaves and of course are guaranteed to be contaminated since china is the most polluted place on the planet, and yet people give that stuff to their kids to put in their mouths), they are interchangeable with their sippy cup tops (which I haven't tried yet since I'm so poor). Oddly their sippy cups only go up to 9oz. even though their nursers go up to 11oz.. It seems to me like they should have sippy cups larger than their nursers, like maybe 16oz. (at least that would be really nice for me).

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    Ooh, those sound like fun, thanks guys! I’m gonna go check out the chicco naturalfit and Dr. Brown’s now

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