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Thread: ABuniverse recommendations?

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    My first Abu diaper was the preschools but I didn't like them to much as I was always going through the bag to find my favorite design, the moon's and stars. Little Paws are a nice advanced diaper but your best bet for a starter from them would be a "simple" or a "simple ultra" which is lighter and more absorbent.

    Boaring white yes but that will give you a feeling if you want to buy from them. 6 dollars for a single sample is not cost efficient not even counting shipping...bit can give you an idea what your up against.

    Little Paws are my favorite and the customer service is like nothing you have ever seen. I mean I called about a minor error and me and the employee even stayed on the line for 10 minutes and just chatted and laughed. I mean tell me a franchise that does THAT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LimeBloodedNoir View Post
    I wanna order something from ABU, although I dont know what would be a good starter diaper.
    I would do mixed cases but they dont all come in my size.
    I am looking for something that wont squeeze my legs to tightly!

    What did you guys use as your first real diaper?
    Is ABU any good of a company?
    Are the workers there kind?
    Good looking ABDL diapers with good features are less common than thicker ones. Preschool (as others have mentioned above) is probably your best bet at ABUfor more discrete thickness and lower cost. Their SDK and Cushies are also about the same there.

    I'm also a big fan of Tykables's Little Builders - those are purpose-made for premium features with wear-to-work/wear-to-school discrete thickness, at a low cost, great for everyday wear. At least take a look at them. (they have velcro tabs but a plastic shell)

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    I'm a bit bummed that their discount code system isn't working right. It says that the code was successful, but it doesn't take any money off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12srepaid View Post
    I'm a bit bummed that their discount code system isn't working right. It says that the code was successful, but it doesn't take any money off.
    are you sure your order meets the conditions of the coupon?

    I tried to use a coupon a week ago at another place and it wasn't applying until I discovered I had to change the shipping method from the default (UPS) to "auto-select least expensive" or something like that. Coupons can also have "minimum order size" limits or apply only to specific products etc.

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